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We found some beautiful companies of which all their products are good and healthy, but we also show you products of other companies that do not know much about ingredients, but some of their products are really good. In the last case we show you the right product with the right ingredients. Therefore please follow our selected products and when you are not sure, please send us a message and we will help you to make sure you buy healthy products.
We have added the shipping areas from all the companies on our website so you can see if a company ships to your area. But you can always check the shipping information on the website itself before you order something.
We have tested most of the products ourselves. We have been testing products for many years before we found the best companies in this world. We also have checked every single product and every single ingredient. We know the backgrounds of our companies to make sure that a company is trustful and family owned. We finally discovered the most trustful and honest companies with beautiful products and only those products you will find on our website.
Yes, it is very safe and when you buy through our website, you know you are buying from the right suppliers and you know you are buying the best products with the best ingredients, in the whole world. And the price will be the same for you. We only had to change prices to Euro's as we show our product world wide. And using the dollar could be Australian or U.S. or Canadian and that was even more confusing. But when you go to the website of the products you will be shown the specific Currency. We discovered that No one is looking out for you on the internet, so we decided to do that for you. We show you the best of all in this world on one website, that is our intention. Go to one website to find all your natural Solutions. We want to assist all of you, to give you honest information about which product to use for what issue, ailment or disease. But also honest information about everything you need to know, and what is behind the veil. What lies are they telling you since the moment you were born for their own advantage? When you know why you are sick or why your child is sick you will find the right answers and solutions. But when you do not know, they can give you more dangerous drugs and you or your child will never get better. The same for our pets. We decided to follow our hearts and to help this world and all of you. We could not stand all the lies on the internet, on the news and in the magazines anymore, given to everyone, and we want to help you with telling the truth about everything. We will show you what is a good product, because we know it is and not because it has been send to us or not because we are paid for it. So we hope you all will feel save to buy through our website, so we can continue to help everyone. And we thank you for buying through our website.
Almost all our products are organic and a very few times wild crafted and some products are straight from nature, without any use of pesticides/Roundup, which we can approve when we know it for sure. We check every single ingredient as well. It is allowed in this world to use the term Organic when a products is not organic at all, or when only some ingredients are organic. This means that the other ingredients could be toxic chemicals and you will not find any healing from this product. We offer you products which contain all organic or sometimes wild crafted ingredients, without any chemicals. Next to organic or wild crafted are all our products GMO free and Nano free.
We show you only those products which we think are the best, in the whole world. All our products are healing and healthy for all of us. Most companies only promote a product when they get a lot of commission meaning they get paid for it, or when they receive a free product which they have to promote. They have no other intention then money. They do not care if it is good, bad, dangerous, and attacking your health. They do not care at all. We do care about everyone, the planet, and the animals and that is why we started this company. We are promoting only those products, which will help you to get your health and beauty back. The companies we show you also need all our support to keep on creating these beautiful products. When we all spend our money wisely, all big corrupt companies will go down with ease. We hope to inform you with the truth about everything, to make you aware and powerful. When we are aware we can chose to live in joy and happiness. Everything is possible you just have to know, feel and vision it first. We all are able to create heaven on this earth and we hope to be part of that experience with all of you.