The MIR Method: your Free Self Healing Method

A very easy & free Self Healing method to be used at home, The MIR Method.

MIR method

MIR also means Peace in Russian. That is what the Mir method will bring to the world when everyone is able to heal themselves.

We like to introduce you to the Mir Method as we love it and use it ourselves almost every day. The MIR Method is your free Self Healing Method.

The Mir method is about 9 commands, to be spoken out loud, in a specific order. Each command is repeated 3 times, before you go to the next command, while stroking your bare skin with your hand. The Mir Method will protect, balance and ground you while it is programming your body to be healthy at the same time. By stroking your skin lovingly, you will get relaxed. From that relaxation your subconscious is prepared to realize the commands (9 steps).

This Method is to be done 2 times a day, for 4 weeks or longer. You can do them right after each other or do them with some time in between. Each time will take you about 2 minutes.

It works like magic and it is easy to do. In the beginning you think that you will never be able to do this, but create some time to learn it, as everyone can do this by himself. No doctor, no specialists, no money, just you saying 9 commands to your subconsciousness to inform your body what to do from now on.

The inventor of the Mir Method is a Dutch lady named Mireille Mettes. She is a beautiful soul and she teaches this method on her websites to the world for free.

Self healing is just a ‘handshake’ away

MIR method

What is the MIR-Method®?

The name ‘MIR’ stands for Mental and Intuitive Reset. The MIR-Method is a unique self healing method, which is a gift from Mireille from the Netherlands to every single person in the world. How beautiful is that?

Use it for yourself, your kids, your pets and for others.
It is meant for people with emotional and/or physical complaints who would like to do something about it by themselves. This is because the method activates the self-healing powers of your body. What you need to do to accomplish this, can be done in the comfort of your own home and all by yourself. You do not need any tools and you do not need to buy anything. It is very simple and very effective.

Children and animals respond more quickly to the MIR-Method. Mireille informs you on her website with this information: You do not have to ‘believe’ in this method. The laws of nature that I have used to develop the MIR-Method work for everyone. The intensity in which you feel that it works, differs per person. After 4 months you can evaluate what the MIR-Method has done for you.”

You can use it for life and it will keep assisting you, your kids, your pets and other animals.

For some learning tricks: copy the commands and put them in your wallet, near your bedside or somewhere close to you so you can repeat the commands when you think of it and learn to memorize them. It seams difficult but it is not. Just give it a try, it has helped so many people already, and all with different ailments.

Your commands are your bodies wishes.

These are the 9 commands:

The 9 steps of the MIR-Method

(say out loud, and repeat each command 3 times and then go to the next one) Stroke with your hand your bare skin while repeating the commands.
Note: Only when addictions need to be removed: add an extra step to begin with meaning step zero, step 0

Before step 1 use: Step 0. Let go of sugar/smoking/alcohol/sex/ etc. addiction and follow step 1 up to step 9. Meaning you select your special addiction you want to work on, do not use them all at once.

Step 0: Let go of …….addiction (Start with step 0/zero when you are addicted or your animal is addicted to something )

Start the MIR with step 1 up to step 9 (Start with step 1 is for all people without addictions)

Step 1. Optimize acidity.
Step 2. Detox all toxicity.
Step 3. Detach father. Detach mother.
Step 4. Clear meridians.
Step 5. Supplement all shortages.
Step 6. Balance hormone system.
Step 7. Fulfill basic needs.
Step 8. Optimize Chakras and Aura.
Step 9. Clarify Mission.

At the end of this blog you will find the 9 steps in the following languages, as using it in your own language will help you to use this method with more ease and with more power.

Nederlands – Deutsch – Français – Latviski – Portoguês – Castellano (Spanish) – Cesky – Italiano – dansk – Polsku – Russian – Hungarian – Tamil – Norsk – Arabic – Hebrew – Greek – Thai – Swedish. All these languages are to be found at the end of this blogpost. Please scroll down to find your language. (Your language not there? See if you can have it translated yourself, to get the best results).

How to use the Mir method

While saying the commands keep on stroking with your hand the bare skin of your other hand or your arm/leg/back/head/chest/chakra etc. You can replace the spot when you feel you need to strike on a different spot. But always stroke on bare skin. Do the 9 commands twice a day for the first 4 weeks. It will take you 2 minutes for one time, so total 4 minutes a day.

After 4 weeks you either continue or do it once a day. You can do it whenever you feel like it. But when you first start with the MIR it is best to continue doing it twice a day for some months for the best results. The two times a day can be right after each other or with some time in between. You do not have to do it more times. Mireille has tested that already. So 2 times a day is enough.

First start for 4 weeks working on yourself. After that you can work on your family (but only when they give you their permission) and you can do the Mir method on your pets. But you have to start with yourself fist. Your kids will love it and your pets too. You will see them change, it is so beautiful.

MIR method MIR method MIR method MIR method

Mireille tells you not to do the MIR on your kids as when we heal our system and energy, our kids will be healed as well. I am aware of that too. But I think that when you child is sick or has a disease, like the diseases they get from all vaccinations, do the MIR on them, as all these viruses and chemicals are in their system, and not in yours. And you will assist their body in releasing all that and make them stronger as well. Therefore my advice would be: first work on yourself for 4 weeks and after that use it on who ever needs it or learn them to use it on theirselves.

MIR method

By stroking your skin lovingly, you will get relaxed. From that relaxation your subconscious is prepared to realize the commands (9 steps) and more.

When you are getting more experienced with the 9 steps you can add a few yourself after you did the 9 commands. That is what we do.

It is like saying affirmations and grounding them in your subconscious when you stroke your skin at the same time. This is very powerful.

When you have questions before starting, you can find all the answers on the Mir Method website, but for a quick start now we show all of them in our blog. Know you will be able to feel, as you could feel when you Detox your body with supplements, meaning tired, and some pains could come up. Just drink lots of purified water and rest when you feel tired. Your body is now cleaning itself. How good it that. And next to that you reset your body to its original state. You and your body will become strong and powerful at the same time. We all need this. It is a real gift from Mireille to humanity and to all our animals.

After you are used to use the 9 steps and have done them for 4 weeks or longer, you can add some phrases yourself after you did the first 9 steps: But always do the 9 steps in the right order and after the 9th step you can use some steps for your own personal use.

Know that when you say the phrases below, stroke yourself. This to make your subconsciousness relax and this way your (new) information will be down loaded in your subconsciousness with ease. Also stoke yourself during the entire Mir Method steps for the same reason.

MIR method

For instance:

I am loving myself

I am putting my Ego aside

I am my Higher Self

I am living from my heart

I am beautiful

I am powerful

I am Letting go of the past

I am Forgiving every one

I am asking  everyone to forgive me

I am Forgiving myself

I am loved/loving

I am successful/happy

I am getting the job now

I am following my heart

I am protected day and night

I am guided day and night

I am rich and abundant


Everyone in my life loves, honors and respects me

All my wishes are fulfilled

Or use some of these:

MIR method

MIR method

And whatever you feel you need to say. Be creative. But make it short, like a real commend, as when you use long sentences your body will not be able to use the information and nothing will happen.

This is not what Mireille teaches you but it has worked for us when we added different phrases as we needed some extra power to change. We are not only healing now but we are creating at the same time.

Mireille has Mir-coaches for you when you need special attention and you can go to her website for more information. Her coaches can give you extra commands for your special needs. But you can also be more sure of yourself as who knows you best. Right YOU. So what pops up in your head when you ask what command can I add for me now? Wait and you will get the answer for sure.

For all affirmations you are going to use in this lifetime:

You can use the stroking part with every affirmations you need to use in your live, keep on stroking your hand or bare skin when you use affirmations, the affirmations will now have so much more power. And know that affirmations really can transform your life for the better. Therefore make a small list for yourself with what you can use to make your life fulfilling and affirm while stroking yourself. And believe your affirmations. As when you do not you will achieve that what you believe when saying it. Start loving yourself, selflove is the key to everything in life.

MIR method

Questions answered by Mireille on her website:

Questions about doing the MIR-Method/How long do I need to do the MIR-Method?

It is best to do it at least for 4 weeks, twice a day. If you still have complaints after 4 weeks, just continue using the MIR-Method, twice a day. Just as long as you need it. If you have stopped using the MIR-Method, you can always pick it up again later in your life.

What should you do after 4 weeks of the MIR-Method?

You do the MIR-Method for at least 4 weeks. As long as you have symptoms, continue doing the MIR-Method. If you stop doing the MIR-Method and the symptoms return, you can always start again. As long as you are doing well, you can choose to only do the MIR-Method at moments when you feel the need to. Look at it this way: every day that you do the MIR-Method, is a bonus.

How bad is it when you forget doing it for a day or more days?

That is no problem. Just pick it up again. Even if you forget it for more than one day, it is no problem. Please print the 9 steps and put them in several places (bed, bathroom, kitchen, car, at work, wallet, etc.) so you will remind yourself to do the 9 steps.

At what moment of the day do you need to do the MIR-Method?

You do the MIR-Method 2x a day. It doesn’t matter when you do it. You can do it in the morning and at night. You can also do it two times straight one after another. When you get tired from doing the MIR-Method, you do it 2x at night in bed, so you can go to sleep straight afterwards. If the MIR-Method gives you lots of energy, then do the MIR-Method in the morning and in the afternoon, but not at night.

Can I do the MIR-Method more often than 2x a day?

Yes, but it is of no use. If you activate your body 2x a day with the MIR-Method, that is more than enough. Your body can not work any harder than it already does!

Can you do the MIR-Method only 1x a day?

Yes, you can. Some people notice that their body is responding strongly. Then these people go back to doing the MIR-Method only 1x a day so the body can take it a bit easier.

When do you need to do only step 5 and 7?

For people that are severely ill, very sensitive or just doubt whether they can handle the MIR-Method, it is wise to start with only step 5 and 7. You stroke 2x a day the steps ‘Supplement shortages’ 3x and ‘Fulfill basic needs’ 3x, during 2 weeks. With that you first supplement everything that you lack. This gives you a firm basis to start doing the MIR-Method. After these 2 weeks, you continue with doing all 9 steps. You do these for at least 4 weeks.

I often get distracted while saying the 9 steps. Do I have to start again?

No, a lot of people stroke and say the words without really listening to them actively anymore. That is normal. It is even the intention for this to happen, because it is important to bypass consciously thinking about it. This happens when you stroke your hand. The active part of your brain relaxes, giving you access to the subconscious part. You seem to step aside and are no longer actively involved with the words. And that is exactly what is suppose to happen!

Stroking the hand/Can you also stroke on the inside of your hand?

Yes, that gives the same result.

Does it matter in which direction I stroke?

No, that doesn’t matter. It is just the stroking that counts. By stroking your skin lovingly, you will get relaxed. From that relaxation your subconscious
is prepared to realize the commands (9 steps).

Does it matter if you stroke with your left hand or your right hand?

No. that doesn’t matter. The result is the same.

Can you stroke on your clothes?

No, always stroke on you bare skin, not on your clothes.

Can you change hands while doing the MIR-Method?

Yes, you can.

Pronouncing the 9 steps/Do I have to say the 9 steps out loud, or can I say them in my mind?

Always do the 9 steps out loud. Then your subconscious will hear it through your hearing. When you can’t do it out loud, then you can say them in your head.

I do not think I need to do all 9 steps. Can I leave out some steps?

No, you always need to do all 9 steps. The 9 steps of the MIR-Method all work together. If you leave out some steps, you may even create physical complaints! The only exception is step 5 and 7. You can do those two steps first for 2 weeks, preceding the 9 steps.

Can I add steps to the MIR-Method?

Yes, you can, but it is of no use. The 9 steps do all the work.

Physical or emotional responses caused by the MIR-Method/How soon can you expect responses from your body when you start doing the MIR-Method?

Most people notice mild responses caused by the MIR-Method. They may start feeling as if they have a cold (detox toxicity) or are tired sooner than ususal.
Only 10% of the people notice stronger responses in their bodies. They have a lot of toxicity in their body or need to work through very strong and deep emotions. Make sure you drink extra water when you use the MIR-Method to help your body clean itself.

I am getting complaints, is something wrong?

Detox is what is happening. Drink lots of water and rest when needed. 

No, it can happen that you get temporary complaints. Your body starts a lot of processes in one go and you may feel that. If you find the complaints too much, then go back to doing the MIR-Method just 1x a day.
The most common complaints that may come forth by doing the MIR-Method are gone within a couple of days. Some of the complaints that are mentioned by MIR-Method users, are:
– being confused;
– headache;
– muscle cramps;
– fatigue, lots of sleep;
– sleeping more restless;
– being easily irritated, unreasonable, emotionally unstable, a lot of old anger, sadness;
– stronger smell in armpits, more perspiration;
– hot flushes;
– dirty plague on tongue, mouth odor, dirty taste in mouth;
– more urinating, more defecation;
– stomach cramps;
– runny nose;
– extra period (bleeding);
– becoming sick, fever, sore throat, coughing.

I am so tired since I started doing the MIR-Method, is that normal?

Yes, that is normal. It can be that you have been exhausting yourself for years and that your body is making you feel that now. Just continue using the MIR-Method and listen to your body. If it asks for rest, then give it rest!

I notice nothing at all. Does the MIR-Method not work for me?

The MIR-Method works for everybody, but you cannot always notice it clearly. About 20% of the people don’t notice anything from the MIR-Method.
a.) You already worked a lot on your health, so you don’t notice any clear changes. For you step 9 will be most important: clarifying your mission.
b.) The changes are quite subtle, that’s why you don’t notice them. Start paying attention to subtle changes, like changes in your mood, how you respond to others, minor headaches, changes in your sleeping pattern, etc.
c.) Your body is still preparing itself. It means that your body is working unnoticed, for example, to fortify your immune system or to balance your hormone system. Then pay attention whether you are more often tired and whether you notice changes in what you want to eat.
d.) A number of people don’t notice anything. Contact a Mir coach for that matter. But it takes some time for some people to notice anything as our body needs time to be reset.

Doing the MIR-Method for others /Can I do the MIR-Method for someone else?

You can do the MIR-Method for someone else, if that person has given you permission. You can then stroke the hand of the other while saying the 9 steps out loud. It is important that you have done the MIR-Method for at least 4 weeks before you start treating somebody else.

Can I do the MIR-Method for someone else without asking?

No. Treating someone else without permission is not allowed. The MIR-Method can set free physical or emotional reactions and it is good that someone can prepare for those reactions. Besides that, it is important to have respect for the healing process that someone is going through. If you want to treat someone who you can not reach mentally, then always ask for permission from parents, guides or relatives.

Can I treat someone from a distance with the MIR-Method?

Yes, you can, but it is best if you teach the other to do it by himself. If someone can do the MIR-Method himself you shouldn’t do it for him. If someone doesn’t want to do the MIR-Method, you should respect that.
If the other cannot do the MIR-Method, ask for permission whether you can do it for that person. If you receive permission, you can start doing the MIR-Method.
You stroke your own hand, while saying the 9 steps 3x. Before every step you say the name of the other person. For example: “John, optimise acidity. John, optimise acidity. John, optimise acidity. John, detox all toxicity. John, detox all toxicity, etc.”

Can I treat my pet or animal at a distance with MIR-Method?

If you want to treat your animal, but you can’t touch it, then stroke your own hand as a substitute for your animal. Say the 9 steps and say the name of your animal first: “Blacky, optimise acidity. Blacky, optimise acidity. Blacky, optimise acidity. Blacky, detox all toxicity. Blacky, detox all toxicity, etc.”

I have a disease, can I do the MIR-Method/ I am under supervision of a specialist/Is it wise to start doing the MIR-Method?

Yes, that is possible. Start with only steps 5 and 7. It is advisable to consult your specialist that you want to do the MIR-Method. You must remain under supervision of your specialist.

I usually respond very sensitive to treatments. Can I endure the MIR-Method?

If you respond very sensitively, or if you are high-sensitive, then take that seriously, also with doing the MIR-Method. Start carefully, with only step 5 and 7.

I use medication or need anesthetics. Can I use the MIR-Method, considering step 2 Detox all toxicity?

Yes, you can do the MIR-Method. You can always start carefully with step 5 and 7.
You keep on using your medication while doing the MIR-Method. Never stop using your medication by yourself, but always in consultation with your doctor.

I need to have surgery, can I use the MIR-Method during that period?

Yes, you can. It is even better to start using the MIR-Method before the operation, so that your body can be in better condition before the surgery. Are you severely ill or weakened, then start by doing only step 5 and 7. After the surgery the MIR-Method can help you detox the toxicity and help you to recover from the surgery.

MIR-Method when wanting to become pregnant, being pregnant and/or breastfeeding

Does the MIR-Method help to become pregnant?

When you start using the MIR-Method you will work on all areas of your body, including your hormone system (step 6). So, it may help you become pregnant.

Can you do the MIR-Method when you are pregnant?

Yes, you can. To start before pregnancy is good, because then your balance is better when the actual pregnancy is there. When you are already pregnant, congratulations!, it is wonderful to keep on balancing yourself. This is even beneficial for your unborn child. When you are already pregnant, then start with only step 5 and 7 for 2 weeks. Once the baby is born, you can just continue using the MIR-Method, if you want. For the baby you can also use the 9 steps, if something physical or emotional is bothering the child.

Can I do the MIR-Method in the months that I am breastfeeding?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine.

Can you overcome addictions with the MIR-Method?

Yes, we have already received various success stories of people that overcame their addiction. When you start working on your addiction, then don’t force yourself to stop doing it, but let your need for the addiction gradually become less and less. Also watch the extra video on the website about addictions.
What you can do for addiction is to start with: Let go of sugar/smoking/alcohol addiction. Then go further with step 1 up to step 9.

MIR-Method with animals

How do I treat my animal or pet?

Before you treat your animal, you must first have done the MIR-Method yourself for 4 weeks. To treat your animal, you stroke the animal on the back, while saying the 9 steps. If your animals walks away, it is a sign it doesn’t want you to treat it, or that it is enough or that the energy doesn’t feel good for the animal. Respect that and try to treat your animal again at another day. Most animals love being treated with the MIR-Method and will start to relax intensely. All 9 steps are used with animals. Step 3, ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ are referring to its natural parents, but also to the humans that take care of the animal. Animals may also have a mission! (step 9, Clarify Mission)

I can not touch my animal, how can I treat it?

Look at question 5. for treating at a distance.

Can I receive more in-depth information about the MIR-Method?

At the website it will be announced when Mireille Mettes gives a webinar (is a lecture through the internet).

Can I contribute in spreading the MIR-Method?

Yes, you can and we hope you will! Do you have any good results with the MIR-Method, then please write it on this website at “Testimonials”? Besides that, you can order Mireille’s book at the webshop and share it with the people around you. The more people will start doing the MIR-Method, the stronger the energy of the MIR-Method becomes. The more people find their mission and regain their balance in life, the more people will start to radiate. And that is exactly the goals that Mireille Mettes envisioned when she set the MIR-Method free: the more people are happy, live in harmony and freedom together, the closer we are to World Peace!

Does the MIR-Method work with…..?

  1. We never know in advance whether the MIR-Method can solve all your complaints. Neither do we know how long it will take for you. We collect all the results we receive from people who have successfully healed their complaints. That’s why we see what the MIR-Method does for people. What you can count on, is that the self healing power of your body and subconscious is activated again. Considering the large numbers of success stories, it is most certainly worth giving the MIR-Method a try. Good luck! 
  2. I can’t find the MIR-Method for kids, babies and young adults on the website. The MIR-Method for kids, babies and young adults are all replaced by the 9 steps. The reason is that all the work really should be done by the adults. Once the adults are letting go of their issues, the babies, children and young ones will relax. If a child really has health issues, then it MUST do the 9 steps and not any of the other versions.

My personal experiences with the Mir Method:

For me personally: I see the Mir Method as an easy way to assist my body to do its work. My body is healing itself, that feels good already and using the Mir is assuring me my that my body is doing what it is supposed to do all the time. Meaning also when my body is attacked by chemicals and more. I stopped having menopause symptoms right after I started using the Mir Method. All women of my age were complaining, well not me. I became stronger both physical and energetic, and I was guided to my life purpose (which is step 9: Clarify mission). I can sit behind my computer without being exhausted and I am feeling good all the time. That is why I wanted to share it with all of you.

By doing the Mir Method your auric field is reset to a solid protective field and next to that your chakras are activated and balanced, meaning optimized. This also helps with the dangers of EMF. When you are sensitive to EMF, feeling pain, headaches and have energy loss, The Mir method will help you to be less sensitive, as your auric field is becoming stronger and stronger every day as you do the Mir method. Your aura will protect you more from the dangers of EMF now and from (negative) energies from others. But even when you are not sensitive to EMF and you are not able to feel it, you need a solid aura and who does not want their chakras to work and their Aura to be solid and firm. Diseases start in your aura so we better optimize our aura too. And our chakras are our energy centers in our body and we create/attract through our chakras what we want in life. So we better have them optimized as well. And The Mir method will awake you and everyone who starts with it, will become more and more aware of everything.

When our kids are somewhere else and they are sick you can use their name and stroke on yourself. Everything is possible. Do it two times a day and you can do them right after each other or take some time in between. But changes will occur, just be patience and open yourself for change. And drink your purified/structured water and take your rest, your body is doing the work now and it is going to detox everything out specially when you start with the Mir and also after. Be kind to yourself and to your body. Tired? Take a rest or just sleep for some hours, who cares what time it is, just follow your body. And you will become stronger and stronger for sure.

As for my pets, they love it when I do the Mir method on them and it heals them from past experiences and trauma, it will make them relax and whole again and it is so rewarding afterwards. They will tell you when they have enough and walk away or they come to you when they need it.

I learned from the energy healing I do, that animals respond so quickly and it is beautiful to be able to help them, to give them their health & joy back.

Some pet owners are not aware of the fact that their fears are taken over by their pets. This can happen, but also pets can take over our diseases. The same with parents, they pass their fears on to their kids, next to their belief systems. But when we heal ourselves, we heal our animals and kids at the same time. And when you relax your kids and animals will relax too. And know that also our kids and animals suffer badly from EMF so never let them sleep near a Modem/mobile phone or near electricity. The same goes for us.

We have gained so much from using the Mir method that we wanted all of you to know it is there for you to use it and it is there to assist your kids and pets in healing. It works truly and it is for free, thanks to Mireille. And do not bother when you are sick and informing about the Mir with your doctor, it is completely safe to use but Mireille needs to put that stupid information on her website according the Evil codex Alimentarius. They want no one to mention that natural solutions are good for you to use. They would not be able to make money anymore. This codex Alimentarius is the organisation of the Elite who wants to control our food (GMO) and health (chemicals only) in a very bad way. They irradiate our food and allow GMOs to be used and they do not want you to use natural products as they want to make money over your sickness. Be aware. The Mir is safe.

When you subscribe to her newsletter, Mireille guides you for several weeks through all steps and she will explain you why and for what each step is needed. She does that with so much love and you will learn a lot from her. Next to that you can read other peoples experiences too. Please watch her instruction movie in which she explains all the steps and know it is very easy to learn. You just have to start doing it, and keep doing it. It is possible to use 4 minutes a day to do this, 2 minutes each time. And you will be so grateful after doing it, for sure.

Dear Mireille, thank you for this beautiful gift, that you are offering to this whole world for Free.

For more information go to .

And please share it with everyone you know, as when we are healed, we heal this world at the same time.

With love,


P.S.: For other languages the Mir steps herewith in your own language:

Nederlands – Deutsch – Français – Latviski – Portoguês – Castellano (Spanish) – Cesky – Italiano – dansk – Polsku – Russian – Hungarian – Tamil – Norsk – Arabic – Hebrew – Greek – Thai – Swedish.

De 9 stappen van de MIR-Methode in het Nederlands
Stap 1. Zuurgraad optimaliseren.
Stap 2. Detox alle toxische belasting.
Stap 3. Vader loskoppelen. Moeder loskoppelen.
Stap 4. Meridianen zuiveren.
Stap 5. Alle tekorten aanvullen.
Stap 6. Hormoonstelsel in evenwicht brengen.
Stap 7. Basisbehoeften aanvullen.
Stap 8. Chakra’s en aura optimaliseren.
Stap 9. Missie verduidelijken.

MIR-Methode auf Deutsch.
1. Optimalisiere den Säuregrad.
2. Entgifte jegliche toxische Belastung.
3. Vater loskoppeln. Mutter loskoppeln.
4. Meridiane säubern.
5. Alle Defizite auffüllen.
6. Hormonsystem ins Gleichgewicht bringen.
7. Grundbedürfnisse auffüllen.
8. Chakras und Aura optimalisieren.
9. Lebensaufgabe verdeutlichen.

La Méthode MIR en Français.
1. Optimiser l’acidité.
2. Désintoxiquer toutes les charges toxiques.
3. Se détacher du père.
Se détacher de la mère.
4. Purifier les méridiens.
5. Combler toutes les carences.
6. Équilibrer le système hormonal.
7. Satisfaire aux besoins de base.
8. Optimiser les chakras et l’aura.
9. Clarifier la mission.

La traduction du livre de base n’existe pas encore en français mais elle est en pleine gestation!
Nous comptons la terminer Décembre 2012. Entretemps, vous pouvez regarder la vidéo et suivre déjà les instructions de Mireille concernant la peau et les mains. En regardant ensuite les 9 phrases de la méthode MIR, vous avez tout pour commencer.

Faites les 9 pas 2 fois par jour, durant 4 semaines.

Important: En cas de maladie, de dépression ou de grande sensibilité: commencez par les phrases 5 et 7, pendant 2 semaines. Puis reprenez les 9 phases, en les faisant durant 4 semaines.

Methodó MIR  Papiamentu

2 biaha pa dia, 4 siman largu.
 1)     Optimalisá nivel di ácido
2)     Detoxifiká tur toxifikashón
3)     Laga tata los. Laga mama los
4)     Purifiká meridianonan
5)     Kompletá tur defisiensia
6)     Balansá sistema hormonál
7)     Kompletá  nesesidadnan basikó
8)     Optimalisá chakra’s i aura
9)     Klarifiká mishón

Su reakshon ta hopi of masha fuerte, preferibelmente kuminsa ku solamente number 5 i 7 pa e prome 2 siman.

9 steps in Latviski (Latvian language).
Caress savu roku aprindās, bet sakot šos soļus skaļi. 2x dienā, 4 nedēļas. Ja jums ir nopietnas sūdzības, piemēram, slimības, depresija vai pārpūle, lūdzu sākt uzmanīgi ar tikai soli 5 un 7 prieks 2 nedēļam.

Pēc tam jūs varat darīt visus 9 soļus 4 nedēļām.
1. Optimizēt skābumu.
2. Detox visi toksicitāte.
3. Atraut tēvs. Atraut māti.
4. Skaidri meridiens.
5. Papildināt visus trūkumu.
6. Līdzsvars hormonu sistēma.
7. Izpildītu pamatvajadzības.
8. Optimizēt čakras un aura.
9. Precizēt misiju.

As nove regras do Método MIR em Português:
Os Noves Passos do Método MIR
Vá simultaneamente acariciando o dorso da sua propria mão, enquanto enuncia em vôz alta, por tres vezes consecutivas, cada um dos 9 passos do método MIR. Repita esse processo duas vezes por dia durante 4 semanas consecutivas.
No caso de sintomas graves inicie o processo de cura empregando inicialmente somente os passos 5 e 7 durante 2 semanas. Em seguida, prosiga por 4 semanas empregando (enunciando e acariciando-se) os 9 passos completos do metodo MIR.
1. Otimisar grau de Acidez (pH).
2. Desintoxificar atuantes Tóxicos.
3. Pai desconectar. Mãe desconectar.
4. Purificar Meridianos.
5. Completar qualquer Déficit.
6. Equilibrar sistema Hormonal.
7. Suprir Necessidades Básicas (carinho, respeito,…)
8. Otimisar Chakras e Aura.
9. Esclarecer Missão.

MIR-Método en Castellano


Acariciar y dar palmaditas en cualquier parte del cuerpo mientras se repite 3 veces y en voz alta cada paso del método.
Paso 1. Optimizar la acidez.
Paso 2. Desintoxicar de toda toxicidad.
Paso 3. Desapegar del padre. Desapegar de la madre.
Paso 4. Limpiar meridianos.
Paso 5. Suplementar todas las carencias.
Paso 6. Equilibrar sistema hormonal.
Paso 7. Satisfacer las necesidades básicas.
Paso 8. Optimizar chakras y aura.
Paso 9. Esclarecer la misión.

Realizar el Método MIR 2 veces al día durante 4 semanas. Para asegurar un buen mantenimeinto utilizar el Método MIR® de vez en cuando. Si prevée reacciones fuertes, puede empezar solamente con los pasos 5 y 7 durante 2 semanas. Luego puede realizar el Método MIR®completo durante dos semanas más. (Para un óptimo efecto se ha de practicar el Método MIR® por un total de 4 semanas).

9 bodu MIR-Metody Cesky (Czech language)
Hladte dlani hrbet ruky (pri kazdem bodu opakujte 3X nahlas):

1. Optimizovat kyselost
2. Detoxifikovat vsechny toxiny
3. Odpoutat se od otce
Odpoutat se od matky
4. Vycistit meridiany
5. Doplnit veskere nedostatky
6. Vyvazit hormonalni system
7. Splnit zakladni potreby
8. Optimizovat cakry a auru
9. Objasnit poslani

MIR – Metoda – 2x denne po dobu 4 tydnu.

V pripade vazne nemoci, ve stresu, v depresi nebo pri vycerpani zacnete JENOM body 5 a 7 po dobu 2 tydnu. Pozdeji muzete prejit na vsech 9 bodu po dobu 4 tydnu.

1. Rendere l’aciditá ottima.
2. Disintossicare la tossicitá.
3. Distaccarsi dal padre. Distaccarsi dalla madre.
4. Purificare i meridiani.
5. Supplire tutte le carenze.
6. Equilibrare il sistema ormonale.
7. Soddisfare i bisogni fondamentali.
8. Rendere ottimi i Chakra e l’Aura.
9. Chiarire la missione.

MIR-Methode, De 9 trin på dansk (Danish translation)
Trin 1: Optimér surhedsgrad
Trin 2: Afgift al giftighed
Trin 3: Frigør Far. Frigør Mor
Trin 4: Rens meridianer
Trin 5: Opfyld alle mangler
Trin 6: Afbalancér hormonsystem
Trin 7: Opfyld basale behov
Trin 8: Optimér chakraer og aura
Trin 9: Tydeliggør mission

2 gange om dagen i 4 uger. Instruktions-video på:
Ved (forventelig) stærk reaktion, begynd med kun trin 5 og 7 i 2 uger.

9 kroków MIR-Methode (Polish language):

Głaszczę 3-krotnie swą dłoń (przy każdym „kroku”, jednocześnie mówiąc głośno):
Krok 1. Optymalizuję kwasowość
Krok 2. Usuwam wszelkie toksyny
Krok 3. Odłączam połączenia zojcem
Odłączam połączenia z matką
Krok 4. Oczyszczam meridiany
Krok 5. Uzupełniam wszelkie niedobory
Krok 6. Harmonizuję system hormonalny
Krok 7. Zaspokajam swe podstawowe potrzeby
Krok 8. Optymalizuję swe czakry i aurę
Krok 9. Mam jasność swej życiowej misji.

МИР-Метод Русский (MIR-Method in Russian language)

Для видимых результатов советум применять этот метот по крайней мере в течение 4 недель по два раза в день. На сайте Вы найдёте видео с иструкциями:

В случае, если у Вас крайне тяжёлое состояние, советум сначала пройти укороченный курс. Этот курс состоит из шагов 5 и 7. Пройдите этот курс в течении двух недель по два раза в день.

Так же советуем обратиться за помощью к инструктору (пока что исключительно английско говорящий).

1. Оптимализировать кислотность.
2. Вывести токсины.
3. Отпустить мать.
Отпустить отца.
4. Очистить меридианы.
5. Пополнить недостатки.
6. Уравновесить гормональную систему.
7. Удовлетворить основные потребности.
8. Гармонировать чакры и аурy.
9. Прояснить миссию.

MIR-Methode in Turkish

MIR-methodunun 9 adimi.
1. Asit oranini uygun duzeye getir.
2. Toksin maddelerden arindir.
3. Baba’ya olan bagliligi dengele.
Anne’ye olan bagliligi dengele.
4. Meridyenleri arindir.
5. Noksanlari tamamla.
6. Hormonal sistemi dengele.
7. Temel ihtiyaclari karsila.
8. Cakralari ve aurayi uygun duzeye getir.
9. Amac ve hedefi belirle.

4 hafta boyunca gunde iki defa elinizi sivazlayarak yukardaki adimlari
uc defa soyleyin.
Siddetli reaksiyon gorulmesi halinde 2 hafta boyunca sadece 5 ci ve 7 ci adim yapilir.
sonra tum adimlar yapilarak devam edilir.

Mit jelent a MIR-módszer? (Hungarian language)

A ‘MIR’ mozaikszó az angol nyelvből származik: Mental and Intuïtief Reset, vagyis magyarul: Mentális és Intuitív Ujraindítás. A MIR-módszer egy öngyógyító módszer, alkalmazása mindenkinek ajánlott aki, érzelmi és testi panaszoktól szenved és tevékenyen szeretne hozzájárulni a gyógyulásához.

Ha azt veszed észre, hogy a kenőcsök és a gyógyszerek már nem segítenek, szükséges hogy a panaszok gyökerét kezeld. A MIR-módszer ehhez segít hozzá bennünket mind testi, mind érzelmi síkon. A módszer elősegíti a test természetes és beépített öngyógyító képességének aktíválását. A kezelés egyszerű, hatékony és bárhol elvégezhető. Az alábbi 9 lépésből áll: minden lépést mély meggyőződéssel 3-szor hangosan el kell ismételni, miközben az egyik kézzel a másik kézfejet minden mondat elhangzásakor a körmöktől a csukló felé végig kell símítani (lásd a video-t). Naponta kétszer 4 – 5 héten keresztül elismételni, súlyos betegség esetén 4 hónapig is szükséges lehet a kezelés.
A MIR-módszer 9 lépése (Hungarian)

1. lépés Savasodási szint optimalizálása.
2. lépés Minden mérgező anyag eltávolítása.
3. lépés Apa lekapcsolása. Anya lekapcsolása.
4. lépés Meridianok kitisztítása.
5. lépés Minden hiányosság pótlása.
6. lépés Hormonháztartás egyensúlyba hozása.
7. lépés Alapszükségletek kielégítése.
8. lépés Csakrák és az aura optimalizálása.
9. lépés Misszió felderítése

MIR முறையின் 9 செயற்படிகள் (Tamil language)

1. அமிலத்தன்மை சிறந்ததாகச் செய்
2. எல்லா நச்சுத்தன்மையையும் வெளியேற்று
3. தந்தை பற்று நீக்கு. தாய் பற்று நீக்கு
4. எல்லா மெரிடியங்களையும் தெளிவாக்கு
5. எல்லா குறைகளையும் நிறைவாக்கு
6. எல்லா ஹார்மோன் சுரபிகளையும் சீராக்கு
7. எல்லா அடிப்படை தேவைகளையும் பூர்த்திசெய்
8. என்னுடைய சக்கரங்களையும் ஒளி உடம்பையும் சிறந்ததாகச் செய்
9. என்னுடைய வாழ்கையின் நோக்கத்தை தெளிவு படுத்து

Voksen MIR          (Translation into Norwegian)

Norsk oversettelse

  1. Optimaliser syre– basebalansen
  2. Avgift alle giftstoffer
  3. Løsrivelse fra far. Løsrivelse fra mor
  4. Rens meridianene
  5. Suppler alt av underskudd
  6. Balanser hormonsystemet
  7. Fullbyrd grunnleggende behov
  8. Optimaliser chakraene og auraen
  9. Klargjør misjonen i livet

Arabic translation of the 9 steps of the MIR-Method:

طريقة MIR

مرتان باليوم خلال 4 أسابيع

فيلم توجيهي في:

1) اتزان درجة الحموضة

2) إزالة كل المواد السامة

3) الاستقلال عن الوالدة – الاستقلال عن الوالد

4). تنقية مساري الطاقة في الجسم

5) سد جميع النقص

6) اعادة التوازن الهرموني

7) الوفاء بالحاجات الأساسية

8) تحسين “الشكرات” و الهالة

9) توضيح المهمة

في حال التفاعل الشديد (وهو متوقع) فابدأ بالنقاط 5 و 7 فقط لمدة الاسبوعين الاولين

The 9 steps of the MIR-Method in Hebrew

שיטת MIR

בצע את הפעולות הבאות פעמיים ביום במשך ארבעה שבועות.

כדי להבין את הפעולות, צפה בסרטון ההסברה:

תשעת הצעדים של שיטת MIR בעברית

1.מטב את חומציות הגוף (דאג לחומציות- גוף אופטימאלית).

2.נקה את הגוף מרעלים.

3.השתחרר מאבא,

השתחרר מאמא

(התנתק מאבא, התנתק מאמא)

4. טהר מרידיאנים.

5.השלם את כל המחסורים.

6. אזן את המערכת ההורמונאלית.

7. השלם צרכים בסיסיים.

8. מטב את הצ’אקרות וההילה (דאג לתפקוד אופטימאלי של הצ’אקרות וההילה)

9. הבהר משימה

במקרה של בעיות חמורות, כגון מחלה, דיכאון או שחיקה, אנא התחל באופן עדין והדרגתי: בצע במשך שבועיים רק את הצעדים 5 ו-7. לאחר שבועיים המשך עם כל תשעת הצעדים במשך ארבעה שבועות.

MIR-Methode in het Grieks

MIR-Method: μια μοναδική μέθοδος αυτό-ίασης που ασχολείται με την αιτία που προκαλεί τα προβλήματα υγείας.

Τι είναι η μέθοδος MIR?

Το MIR δεν είναι άλλο από τα αρχικά των λέξεων Mental & Intuitive Reset που στα ελληνικά σημαίνει Νοητική και Ενορατική ανακατάταξη. Η μέθοδος αυτή αφορά την αυτό-ίαση και αναφέρεται σε όσους έχουν συναισθηματικά και ψυχολογικά προβλήματα που θα ήθελαν να τα αποβάλουν μόνοι τους χωρίς φάρμακα.

Όταν συνειδητοποιήσεις  ότι με την χρήση φαρμάκων δεν λύνονται τα προβλήματά σου τότε είναι ανάγκη να αντιμετωπίσεις την αιτία αυτών των προβλημάτων.

Η μέθοδος MIR στοχεύει κατευθείαν στο πρόβλημά σου σωματικά και ψυχολογικά και αυτό γιατί ενεργοποιεί την δύναμη που έχει το σώμα μας για αυτο-ίαση. Αυτό που χρειάζεται μόνο είναι να καθίσεις άνετα και αναπαυτικά στην θαλπωρή του σπιτιού σου, είναι πολύ εύκολο και αποτελεσματικό και δεν αρκούν παρά μόνο 2 λεπτά καθημερινά για 4 εβδομάδες. Οι περισσότεροι που το έχουν δοκιμάσει είδαν ανακούφιση από την πρώτη εβδομάδα.

Τα παιδιά και τα κατοικίδια ζώα αντιδρούν πιο γρήγορα στην μέθοδο αυτή. Η Mireille Mettes, είναι αυτή που εξέλιξε την MIR method και αναφέρει ΄δεν είναι απαραίτητο να πιστεύεις σε αυτή την μέθοδο. Οι νόμοι της φύσης που χρησιμοποίησα για να εξελίξω την MIR Method λειτουργούν το ίδιο και σε ανθρώπους και σε ζώα. Η αποτελεσματικότητα της είναι διαφορετική από άνθρωπο σε άνθρωπο. Μετά από 4 μήνες μπορούμε να αξιολογήσουμε τα οφέλη της μεθόδου στον καθένα.’

Η μέθοδος MIR αναπτύχθηκε το 2009 από την ολιστική θεραπεύτρια Mireille Mettes από την Ολλανδία και μπορείτε να την μεταδώσετε ελεύθερα σε φίλους και συγγενείς, γνωστούς και συναδέλφους. Πολλοί θεραπευτές χρησιμοποίησαν την μέθοδο στην πράξη για υποστήριξη στους ασθενείς τους. Για να μάθεις περισσότερα για την μέθοδο MIR δείτε τα 2 παρακάτω βιντεο

Τα 9 βήματα της μεθόδου MIR:

1) Βελτίωσε την οξύτητα
2) Αποτοξίνωσε όλη την τοξικότητα
3) Αποδεσμεύσου από τον πατέρα, αποδεσμεύσου από την μητέρα
4) Καθάρισε τους μεσημβρινούς
5) Συμπλήρωσε όλες τις ελλείψεις
6) Εξισορρόπησε το ορμονικό σύστημα
7) Συμπλήρωσε τις βασικές ανάγκες
8) Βελτίωσε τα τσάκρα και την αύρα
9) Διευκρίνισε την αποστολή

Επαναλάβετε αυτή τη διαδικασία 2 φορές την ημέρα για 4 εβδομάδες. Όταν η αντιδράσεις γίνουν έντονες (αναμένεται) ξεκινήστε μόνο με το βήμα 5 και το βήμα 7 για 2 εβδομάδες.

Thai Language

กรรมวีธีเพื่อกระตุ้นร่างกายให้เเข็งเเรง สามารถรักษาสุขภาพของตนเองได้ตลอดเวลา
ให้ถูหรือลูบไล้มือสองข้างไปมาเบาๆ ทั้งหลังมือเเละฝ่ามือด้วยก็ได้  ทั้งนี้เพื่อจะส่งสัญญานให้จิตใต้สำนึกรู้สึกผ่อนคลายไร้กังวล  พร้อมที่จะปฏิบัติตามกรรมวิธีอย่างมีประสิทธิผล
ขณะที่ถูมือไปมา ให้พูดเเต่ละประโยค 3 ครั้ง   เรียงไปตามลำดับ ตั้งเเต่ 1 ถึง 9
ทำเช่นนี้วันละ 2 ครั้ง ทุกวัน  ติดต่อกันเป็นเวลา  4 อาทิตย์
หลังจากนั้น จะทำอีกเมื่อไรก็ได้ตามสะดวก  เช่น ในช่วงที่รู้สึกว่าร่างกายอ่อนเพลีย ต้องการพลัง
ในช่วงวันเเรกๆที่ปฏิบัติตามกรรมวีธีนี้  ร่างกายจะขับถ่ายสารพิษ สารตกค้าง ออกมามากกว่าปกติ  ควรดื่มน้ำ ให้มากๆ  เเละไม่ต้องตกใจหากว่าถ่ายปัสสาวะบ่อยกว่าปกติ    สำหรับ ผู้ที่ไม่เคยชินกับกรรมวิธีเช่นนี้ หากว่าร่างกายมีปฏิกิริยาตอบรับค่อนข้างรุนเเรง ไม่สามารถปรับตัวได้   ให้เริ่มต้นด้วยการทำเฉพาะลำดับที่  5 เเละ 7 เป็นเวลา 2 อาทิตย์  ต่อมาจึงค่อยทำทั้ง 9 ลำดับ เป็นเวลา 4 อาทิตย์
ลำดับ 1  ปรับปริมาณกรด-ด่างในร่างกายให้ดีที่สุด
ลำดับ 2  ขับสารพิษทุกชนิดออกจากร่างกาย
ลำดับ 3  ก. เเยกพ่อออกจากตัว    ข. เเยกเเม่ออกจากตัว
ลำดับ 4  ชำระล้างเส้นทางเดินลมปราณให้พลังผ่านตลอดเวลา
ลำดับ 5  เติมสารที่ยังขาดตกบกพร่องให้ครบถ้วน
ลำดับ 6  ปรับความสมดุลของระบบฮอร์โมน
ลำดับ 7  ดูเเลให้มีปัจจัยขั้นมูลฐานเต็มที่อยู่เสมอ
ลำดับ 8  ปรับพลังจักระเเละกายทิพย์ให้อยู่ในระดับสุดยอด
ลำดับ 9  ระบุให้ชัดเเจ้งว่าอะไรคือภารกิจสำคัญในชีวิต

MIR-Method in Swedish

1. Optimera syra-bas-balansen
2. Ta bort alla gifter
3. Släpp bindningen till pappa. Släpp bindningen till mamma
4. Rensa meridianerna
5. Fyll på allt som kroppen saknar
6. Balansera hormonsystemet
7. Fyll de grundläggande behoven
8. Optimera chakrana och auran
9.Klargör livsuppgiften