Organic Beauty

When your skin is glowing, you are glowing, that is real beauty.

Your skin is the reflection of your inner side. It shows how your body is functioning and how you feel about yourself. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs much more than the so called 60% of what it touches. In fact we absorb more through our skin than through our ingesting. Therefore we suggest that you feed your skin organic nutrients externally, to keep your skin and body healthy. And being healthy also means feeding yourself with good organic nutrients from the inside. This combined with being happy will immediately reflect on your skin. You will Glow.

When you take healthy organic supplements internally, these nutrients will first go to the most vital organs, than to all other organs in the body and the skin will be the last to receive all these nutrients. Therefore if you want healthier and younger looking skin, you will also topically need to feed your skin nutrient rich, organic/ wild crafted, non- nano, chemical free and natural ingredients.

When you use chemicals on your skin they will give your body too much side effects and these chemicals also react to one another, with even more unknown and more dangerous side effects. Besides health issues, the preservatives and other chemicals used in all these products take away the power of the good ingredients, the product will be completely useless for making you more beautiful.

Forget what is allowed by law and what is used today in cosmetic products, they allow all that is poisoning to us. The FDA checks only 5 chemicals a year to see if they are dangerous or not. And even these 5 dangerous chemical ingredients are approved each year again and again. Every year there are more than 2000 new chemicals arriving unapproved on the market, which will be in all your products without any testing and with so much dangers for your health and skin. It is your body and your health and we all need to start taking care of ourselves. Please be aware of what is really in your personal products today. So many suppliers lie about their ingredients and there are only a few suppliers to be trusted in this world!  And Yes, we finally found these beautiful organic suppliers after years of searching for the right products for all of you.

Therefore we have selected for you the best organic, nano free, GMO free, chemical free, fragrance free and cruelty free makeup and skin care products. Truly the best products in this whole world. 

Be healthy and be beautiful.