Our search for the best organic products

Our search for the best organic health and beauty products in the world

After many years of searching, we have selected the best organic and wildcrafted products in this world for all health and beauty concerns. Our products are from trusted family owned suppliers, from all over the world.

The reason we started this website is that we know most of you will have health and beauty issues and most of you will have no idea how to solve them. We finally found so many natural solutions for everyone that we are now ready to share them with the world and assist you all, to heal yourself.

It all started many years ago because we wanted to find natural solutions for all our families health and beauty issues.

We have experienced that every time we used a product for our health or for our skin, we got so many dangerous side effects that it made the issues we had so much worse instead of healing them. All the vaccinations and medications given to our family came with so many dangerous side effects and with so many new diseases that we decided to go on a journey to find organic and natural solutions to heal ourselves.

We kept searching for good and healthy products but it was a challenge to find them either in shops or on the internet. All manufacturers use the same bad ingredients. Ingredients which are taking away our health, every day again and again. The chemicals (more than 85.000) that are now used in all our industries (food, beauty and health) are worse than ever before. Why do they use all these chemicals, with all their bad side effects? And why do they give you only chemical medications and chemical vaccinations?

The truth

Money, depopulation & mind control for total world control, the new world order. We first have to understand who is behind the approval of all these chemicals and the destruction of our world, before we will be able to change all of our formal belief systems. We have been educated with false information, for so long now. We have been totally misinformed and we are being poisoned every day, when we are not aware of what is going on. The truth is the opposite from what you are told your whole life and what they tell you on the internet, on the television, in the newspapers and magazines.

We need to educate ourselves in order to get our health, beauty and life back. We know that there is a solution for every disease found in nature in the form of herbs, flowers, trees, plants, healing stones and healing energy. This knowledge is there from the beginning of times, we just have to educate us with this information again.

After testing many different products from all over the world, we discovered that many ingredients used in our products are not labeled at all. Next to that we discovered that 3000 ingredients are hidden on the ingredient label, under the name of perfume or fragrance. Sometimes they just call them ingredients derived from natural sources which is another description for using chemicals. Even organic companies, are not to be trusted. They also use and hide chemical ingredients which are not save for you and they lie about their products being organic.

The institutions that have to check what is save for us, are either corrupt in many parts of our world, or have not been educated with the truth. So how do we know what is good for us? These institutions (FDA, CDC, WHO, the EU etc.) approve and allow all that is bad for your health including GMO’s. They approve all these bad chemicals to be used in our food and also in our pet food. And they approve all to be used in our personal care-, house-and gardening products. All these chemicals are dangerous for our health. Every single one of them.These chemicals do not only take away your health and alter your DNA, they take away your life.

Now more than ever before we need to read our labels, as many formal good ingredients are today also genetically modified (GMO). And each year more than 2000 new chemicals arrive unapproved on the market. All without being tested and without the knowledge about how they will react to other chemicals when being used. We all are energy and our body is not designed to digest any synthetic chemical. When we would not Detox these chemicals out of our system we will get sick and stay sick all the time. We need to wake up and do something about this.

This is why we decided to assist all of you in this world and started our search for natural solutions. Healing products that are either truly organic or wild crafted and products that are free of any GMOs, free of nano particles and free of chemicals. This search was very challenging. So many companies are telling you their product is save, and when we looked at the labels they were not even near save. So many people are misinforming everybody. We learned a lot, we stayed critical, wanted the best solutions and we found them after years of non stop searching. We will keep adding these beautiful products and simple organic solutions on our website.

Our natural solutions for self-healing

We will guide you only to those companies which sell products that will heal you. We found out that many brands sell products with good and also with bad ingredients. We will give you our link to the products with the right ingredients only. So please stay with our linked product. Not to sell you but to help you. Many reliable organic companies are now being bought by big pharma and what was once your trusted organic brand is no longer to be trusted. And even when the manufacturer is the same, you need to read the label of every single product to be sure your product contains the right ingredients. We have learned all about ingredients (see our ingredients to avoid list) and we know that the best ingredients are found in nature only.

There are some beautiful companies that do understand all about organic and wildcrafted ingredients and their effect on health and beauty. But we had to search all over the world to find them. We want to help these smaller companies to thrive and we hope there will be many more to come. Our selected companies will sell to almost every country in the world.

The solution to change this world:

When we all stop buying these dangerous chemical products in this world, they will have to stop producing them. Your wallet is your power. That is our goal, to end this chemical age and to introduce you all to Mother Nature again. Next to that we like to make people aware and awake them at the same time so that we all are able to change this world, into a healthy and beautiful world.

Everything is possible you just have to believe, envision, trust, and take action on your guiding to be able to manifest it. We are here to offer you the best natural solutions of this world and we hope you all will get your health and beauty back and live your life in happiness from now on.

With love,