Books & DVDs

We have selected the best personal transformation books & DVDs for health, beauty and spiritual transformation. These books & DVDs have been proven to transform many people’s lives for the better.

People from all over the world were able to change their lifestyles, belief systems and knowledge by reading these special books and by watching these informative DVDs. These books & DVDs will shake you up, amaze you and lift you up at the same time. As we have been educated with lies only for many life times it is needed to inform us with the truth from now on. Know that we need to keep on reading and learning to educate ourselves. We need to know who we really are.

From every book you read or from every DVD you see, you will learn at that time what you need to know. When you read or see it again later in time, and you have been processing the formal teachings, the information you will pick up the second time will be even more powerful. Therefore reading or viewing them multiple times will be deepening the knowledge. Our selected books and DVDs will assist you in your growth to be the best version of yourself.