First Aid

All your First Aid natural and organic products to heal fast.

We all need special ointments and lotions when accidents happen in or around our home for first aid usage. What we need are organic and natural herbal solutions to use on our skin. Specially when our skin is open and infected we need to use the right ointment for healing.

When our skin is open and we use chemicals on the wounds our health will be attacked and healing will not occur as quick as when we use organic and natural oils, lotions and ointments. For instance we need to use internally some drops of Dragon’s Blood to attack the bacterial infection but we can also use it on open wounds. We can also use calendula oil or manuka honey on wounds and cuts.¬† Our natural solutions can be used on babies, and they can be used on all animals as well.

There are so many natural solutions, we just have to know them. We can be our own healer at all times.