Organic Mom & Baby Products

We have selected the best organic mom and baby products in the world for you.

As a mother to be you have to start looking for organic and chemical free products as what you use on your skin or inhale and what you eat, your baby will inhale and eat too. Your body is your babies body. Your stress and fear is your babies stressĀ and fear. And your happiness is your babies happiness. So try to relax and enjoy, but prepare yourself first.

Even long before getting pregnant you should start with multiple detox periods to make sure your body is cleaned and free from all chemicals (fluoride, aluminum, lead etc). After that you need good organic supplements to give your body an immune boost to be healthy during your pregnancy. And never detox during pregnancy as that is not good for your baby, as all chemicals you want your body to leave are now received by the new born baby. Some products are okay to use as they will make you stronger and are not harming the baby. For instance organic turmeric, our organic Aloe recipe, organic black seed oil, Dragon’s Blood, medicinal mushrooms, chlorella and so many more.

As for personal care products you need to go for the best and you can find them all on our website. All our beauty products will be good for you to use and when essential oils are used which are questionable for pregnancy, we will mention that. Do not forget to use organic essential oils for either calming, energizing or uplifting effects. And as for sunscreen, you and your baby need the sun without the protection at least 20-30 minutes a day and built this up. Vitamin D is essential for you and the baby. The only way you get this vitamin is when you use no sun block. But do not stay too long in the sun and after that use the shadow and cover the babies head and body. But use the sun rays as those 7 color rays are so needed for all of us to prevent and to treat all diseases on Earth. They do not want you to know this.

Health is our birthright. Be wise, happy and healthy.