Organic Baby Care

When you want what is best for your baby you will need organic baby care products and they also need to be chemical free & nano free for sure. 

We have selected the best products from this world and we will add more when we find them.

You want to avoid all chemicals and talc products including sun lotions & creams with nano zinc oxide or with nano titanium dioxide. Nanoparticles are used in all sun and baby lotions today and this will create eczema, dermatitis, skin rashes and many health issues. Next to that you want to avoid phenoxyethanol or the other names now used for it. Look at our chemicals to avoid list for more info on phenoxyethanol and all other chemicals. Phenoxyethanol is used in all your baby products therefore know that when your baby has eczema or skin rashes this is caused by this chemical and all other hidden chemicals and nanoparticles they use today.

All diseases your baby will get are caused by:

  1. Feeding the wrong food (breast feeding is the best you can do for your baby’s immune system). All soy milk is GMO and dangerous. All milk powder is filled with chemicals and from animals that are fed with GMO food.
  2. All the vaccinations given at any time. See the vaccination ingredient list online to learn what ingredients are used.
  3. The baby products filled with chemicals and the prescription medications they get from normal doctors and hospitals. Please read all the labels yourself. When chemicals are used you will be able to see on our ingredients to avoid list what it will do for your child’s health.

We hope you will enjoy being a mother of a healthy child and this should be normal but it is not, therefore we will give you a lot of information to make sure your child stays healthy and you will be a happy and relaxed mother.