Water Filters

We have found the best structured water purification filters in this world for all of you.

What are the best ways to filter your water? For most countries you need to filter out the fluoride besides all the other chemicals and toxins. We also need water with minerals to assist with our health. Therefore reversed Osmosis water systems is a big No.

So we go for alkalizing the water as it is best for your health and whatever they say, forget it, it is good for so many ailments you can really change to a healthy person when drinking Alkalized water, PH7 and up.

Which leaves us to what is best: the best for alkalizing your water and have mineralized water are water ionizers, and we selected the best water ionizers in the world on our website. Depending on your spending, we show you different types but all from good up to excellent.

No plastic bottled water as these bottles contain too much chemicals and also when plastic is heated (the sun, warm environment) it leaves even more dangerous chemicals in your drinking water. And they are not honest at all about the water used in these bottles.

And finally the future in purifying water is structured water. Structured water is the best water we can drink and use. Meaning change the structure of the water and it will not be dangerous anymore, even charged with frequencies to uplift our moods and health. We all are energetic beings, we all are made up from energy and that is why we need this water. You will feel different when drinking this water as it rises your personal frequencies. Your energy system will be adjusted to higher frequencies, and with that you will attract the good in this Universe on all levels. When you use the whole house system, the energy of your whole house will be changed. How beautiful is that. Also one of the most dangerous chemicals added to our water, fluoride, will be changed in structured water, the same as all other dangerous chemicals and therefore you can use structured water in every area in this world and you will be able to drink healthy water with ease. Also to be used for your shower, bath, swimming pool, garden and farm fields. Plants will grow faster and will heal at the same time. And please do not forget to give it to your animals as well, they will love it and will transform as well.

They already use structured water on fruit trees and plants and for all other agriculture, and everything is growing multiple times faster and the food is so much healthier when you eat it. Also less water is needed. And the earth who receives this water is charged in frequencies at the same time. Where is the world waiting for. Organic farmers: you all need this. Use it on your fields and make your food healthy and grow fast. Use it on your cannabis plants and it will be the best cannabis in the world. Be creative.

You can also use the portable structured water device to use it as a structured breathing device, or you can use it to blow air over your (GMO) food and it will raise the frequencies of all food to make it healthy for our energetic system. But better use it on whole, fresh and organic food to begin with. As you all know organic is not always organic, they trick you to make money. Be amazed what structured water can do for you and get your health back.

We think this is the best solutions but still not known to many of you. The man who creates this is so far ahead of our imagination and has so much higher knowledge that we bow for him with lots of respect to what he has created to make this earth a better place. His intention is so pure and beautiful as are his products. And forget the companies who try to produce similar structured water devices, they do not have his knowledge by far. And what is best is you buy it one time, for using it your entire life, no change of cartridges and no further costs. He now upgraded the devices to the dynamically enhanced devices with the highest frequencies. You are worth it. We are 80 % made up from water. When we raise the frequency of our internal water we heal our Spirit and body at the same time. Heal yourself.

So a big Yes. So much to learn. For on the go or when travelling: Use the portable structured water device, to create healthy water where ever you are. Be amazed, happy and healthy.