Organic Food & Oils

Let food be your Medicine.

We have made a selection of the best organic, gluten free, non GMO, food & oils in this world to assist you with all your health and beauty issues.

For instance our organic coconut oil can be used daily, 3 table spoons, to fight Alzheimer’s, dementia, Autism, Parkinson’s etc. It is good for everyone to use including your pets and also for the same reasons.

Next to that you can use it as a make-up remover. Put the coconut oil on your face and on your closed eyes and eye lashes and massage good, take off with some paper tissues or damp wash cloth, and splash your face again with clean water. You can use coconut oil and mix it with your favorite organic essential oils and use it on your skin, for both beauty and health issues. Some people just use organic coconut oil and massage their face for a long time, 15- 20 minutes, with it and see wrinkle after wrinkle disappear.

You can also use coconut oil as a quick sun lotion as it protects you for 20 minutes without dangerous chemicals and with getting enough vitamin D. And you can use it as a toothpaste mixing it with some organic essential oils for extra benefits.

Further you can use it for Oil pulling: take one big tablespoon of coconut oil and add 1-2 drops of organic clove/myrrh/frankincense essential oil. Put the spoon in your mouth and now switch it around for 15 minutes and spit out in a tissue or bag, to not clog your drains. Use some water to rinse out the rest. For white teeth and dental health. When adding some drops of Dragon’s Blood to it, all your dental issues will be solved and it even gets your gums back on its formal place. For more info read our blog posts and see our DIY.

We have organic turmeric powder to be used on your food and combined with a bit organic black pepper for good absorption. Organic turmeric or curcumin will assist you in fighting cancer and all inflammation diseases. Meaning also all neurological diseases. Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Parkinson’s, dementia etc. As we all have, to some degree inflammation in our body caused by the GMOs in our food, water and air. Therefore we all need to eat lots of curcumin and you can not over do it. When you have small children put some spoons in some organic apple sauce and mix it and use some black pepper for easily absorption. Use it each day when you want to fight diseases. The most strange diseases disappear from this beautiful herb. We have heard so much wonderful stories about this herb. Just try it but make sure it is organic and from a good trusted source.

Manuka Honey Raw UMF 1–20 – 40 the higher the more powerful and expensive. Use it for replacing all dangerous antibiotics. It can even be used on open wounds and when you eat it it will boost your immune system as well. Next to that it will do all this when you use it as a face mask for all your beauty issues.

Baking Soda, when you start making your own healthy products and you use this powder you are sure it is without aluminum, non GMO and gluten free. Aluminum is causing Alzheimer, Autism, cancer and dementia and more. You can use if for backing and for alkalizing your body when used in some purified water. You can use it in a face mask (only once a week) mixed with some organic honey. Rub and massage it on your skin with small circles. Leave it for 5-10 minutes depending your skin conditions and wash off. It will purify your skin. Now use your best organic serum or face cream as your skin will need it.

We will keep adding more beautiful products and information when we think they will assist your health and beauty. Be healthy and be beautiful at the same time.