Organic Make-up Removers

We have selected the best natural and organic make-up removers to clean your face and provide your skin with nutrients and health at the same time.

Organic coconut oil is a great way to remove all of your make-up. It doesn’t make your skin break out, because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. It also leaves your skin feeling really soft and nourished.

Next to coconut oil you can use organic almond oil, organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil to clean your face and to remove all your make-up. Just massage it on your face and on closed eyes & eye lashes and remove all dirt and make-up with either a damp and nearly wet bath cloth, with clean tissues or with cotton pads. After that, rinse your face with lots of clean water.

For best results in removing sticky eye make-up:

Start with 2 warm wet cotton pads and softly hold them on your eyes for a minute and hold your eyes closed. This will soften the mascara and remove it with more ease when you start to use the oil on your whole face, eyes and eyelashes. Than start massaging your face, closed eyes and lashes, with the oil. Remove the oil as mentioned above.

To clean the skin:

We do not have to use soap at all. Using soap will strip you skin to a point that the skin is not able to protect itself. When your skin barrier is attacked with soap your skin will not be able to attack bacteria or fungus and all chemicals are absorbed even quicker in your bloodstream. This is one reason everyone gets pimples and skin rashes and has health issues. So even when you have acne, use good oils to clean your skin.

For all skin solutions see the skin solution page on our website. All our products will assist you in heaving a radiant and beautiful skin.