Organic Food for Pets

To find pet food today which is healthy is a challenge.

We have found brands which create organic, GMO free and grain free pet food which will assist in your pets health. As meat today is loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones and dangerous preservatives, normal meat for your pet is no longer an option. Almost all beef cattle entering feedlots in the United States and every where in this world are given hormone implants to promote faster growth.

More and more reports show that our pets can be raised with vegetables and fruits and that they will be in much better health conditions than when raised with today’s meat. Cancer is one of the causes of eating meat, for both animals and humans. Grain free is needed as our pets get inflammation because of the fact that the wheat is multiple times spread with Glyphosate, from which they get a leaky gut, the same as we do when we eat gluten.

Therefore what is good for us to eat is also good for our pets. We can also share our meals with them and they will live much longer. What they use in pet food today is disgusting and is not to be given to any pet or animal. Be aware of the fact that food can be your medicine for you and for your pets.