Organic Supplements For Pets

All healing solutions for your pets and animals. These organic supplements give your animals the true power of nature without any side effects. All these supplements will assist them in being healthy.  

The healing stories of pet owners are so beautiful when they use these supplements and it makes you wonder why we do not use them all the time for our pets. We are able to heal our pets with ease but we have to use these supplements instead of all the chemicals all vets want us to use.

What is good for us, is good for our pets and animals but everything is to be used in smaller doses. Start low and go up when needed. Side effects are something of the past and your pets will thank you forever.

Essiac Tea. Good to use with cancer and so many other health issues.

Organic black seed oil. Good for treating parasites and for all inflammation diseases. For cancer and all diseases on this planet. Good for the eyes as well.

Dragon’s Blood. Good for the same diseases we humans can use it. See our blog post on this supplement.

Organic wheat grass. Good for cancer and many other health issues. They will love it. Alkalizes the body. When our body is alkalized we do not get sick. The same for our animals. When they want to eat grass let them. All animals know what grasses to eat and need them for proper digestion and for extra nutrients at times.

Organic cannabis oil or CBD oil.  The Cannabis plant is good for healing more than 700 ailments. The same oil we use can be used for our pets but start with 2 drops and go up to 15 drops or more ( depending the weight of you pet) when needed or two/ three times daily. No side effects. So please use it as this is the most healing plant of our planet for us and for our animals. You can dilute these drops in some wild salmon oil or in hempseed oil and give them on some cheese, fish or other.

Organic frankincense essential oil. This oil can be used external on cancer ulcers or any other ulcer. Use a few drops straight on the spots or mix in some organic jojoba oil or in some organic coconut oil. Internal to reverse all cancers, from brain cancer to any other kind of cancer. Use two drops on some organic honey on a spoon or put the drops on some fresh treats. Two times or three times daily. And feed them organic food and  structured or purified water only.

Organic chlorella tablets. These tablets will help with detox of all kinds: detox from vaccination chemicals, vets drugs, chemicals from GMO food etc. Give them 4 tablets two or three times a day. Our cat loves them and know they are good for her. Or you can sprinkle wild salmon oil over them or other to make your pet eat them. Make sure they will have structured or purified water in a bowl as they need to drink a lot when they detox chemicals out of their system as do we.

Herbal tinctures, flower essences and so much more. We will keep adding the best products when we find them. We have found beautiful flower essences that will heal our animals and we will add them on our website a.s.a.p.