Organic Essential Oil Brands & Essential Oil Diffusers

We have found the best organic essential oils & diffusers in the world. Our organic essential oils are created by trusted family owned companies only.

As some of our essential oils are also to be used internally, you need to have the best quality oils and you need them to be organic for sure. We can proudly say we have found the best organic essential oils in this world for all of you.

Please educate yourself on the use of these oils as they are gifts from our Creator. Myrrh, frankincense and sandalwood alone are already so powerful. These three oils will heal about anything, from cancer to skin diseases.

But we also have so many more beautiful essential oils you can use for all your personal issues. You can use them for all your health or for all your beauty issues. Some of the essential oils are to be used internally: pure or mixed: 1-3 drops on a tablespoon with organic honey and eat it slowly. And all can be used topically: some pure and others mixed in some organic coconut, organic jojoba or organic almond oil.

These essential oils will help you to de-stress and they calm you, balance and harmonize you, energize & uplift you, give you courage and self confidence, purify & detox you, bring you in a romantic mood and make you feel sexy, give you clarity, boost your immune system and heal your body and skin, your emotions and your Spirit. What more can we ask for?

Sometimes a sniff is enough to heal your energy system as to uplift your mood and more. Sometimes you need to use them on your skin and sometimes you need to use them internally and externally. It all depends on what health issues you want to reverse and heal. Be your own healer.

You can use about 5 drops or more in an essential oil diffuser with some purified water. You can mix different oils or use just one oil of your choice.

For this purpose we have selected the best essential oil diffusers to create the spa feeling at your own home or at your (home)office. With the car diffuser you will now be able to surround yourself with the healing and uplifting vibrations of organic essential oils while making long hours behind the wheel. You can also place a diffuser in your bedroom to make sure you have pleasant dreams and will sleep well. Whatever health condition you have, diffusing essential oils will assist with all your health issues.

When meditating you can use them to deepen your meditation and be grounded at the same time. These essential oils will assist you with every issue you have: mental, spiritual and physical. When you have total balance meaning balance between body, mind and spirit you have found the key for healthy living. That is all we need to be healthy at all times. Balance and harmony on all levels.

When you want to be surrounded with your favorite essential oil the whole day, we have selected the necklaces or the bracelets with the cotton pads inside to help you smell gorgeous during the whole day and to assist you in being healthy at the same time. We hope that these beautiful organic essential oils, the diffuser and the necklace or bracelet will assist you on your path to radiant health and beauty.

Which essential oils to use for common ailments:

Reduce coughs or sinusitis: Add a few drops of organic eucalyptus oil and organic peppermint oil into steaming hot water and inhale deeply to clear you nasal passages. And use some drops on a tissue for on the way, to inhale it wherever you are.

Energize yourself for work or for sport: Use a drop of organic peppermint oil on your tongue or inhale the aroma deeply (put some drops on your palms or on a tissue or bath cloth) to energize.

Improve digestion: If you are experiencing bloating, nausea or other irritations in you digestion, combine a drop of organic ginger oil, organic peppermint oil, and organic fennel oil in a glass of water and drink it.

Improve concentration: Boost your concentration and inhale deep the aroma of organic bergamot, organic grapefruit or organic peppermint oil. (put on your palms or put some drops on a tissue or bath cloth)

Boost your Immune system: To boost your energy and immune system, put 1-3 drops organic oregano oil in a glass of water and drink this once a day to support immune system healing.

Improve allergy symptoms: put a drop of organic frankincense oil on your palms and inhale the aroma deeply to relieve itchy eyes, throat and a stuffy nose. And use 1-3 drops of organic frankincense oil on a spoon of organic honey and eat it slowly. 1-3 times daily also for healing cancer. Specially brain cancer.

Reduce headaches: Use some drops of organic peppermint oil and rub it on your temples on each side of your head and on your forehead to clear the pain. And drink lots of purified water.

Reduce back and neck pain: Use the combination of organic peppermint, organic ginger and organic cayenne pepper oils and mix it with some organic coconut oil to make your DIY muscle rub to relieve pain. 6 drops each oil in 4 tablespoons of organic coconut oil.

Curb your food cravings:  Never eat food preservatives, food additives, glucose syrup, aspartame & all other sweeteners, MSG and all E-Numbers and eat never sugar, that is step one. All these chemicals will keep you hungry and you will not be able to stop eating. Instead of sugar use organic coconut sugar, organic monk fruit extract, or organic stevia. Balance your cravings by stabilizing your blood sugar with a deep inhalation of organic peppermint oil or organic cinnamon oil. Use some drops on you palms or on a tissue to inhale. Food cravings will also pass when you eat organic and gluten free. Always listen to your body, when you feel you need sweet, use some honey or fruit. When you want something salt, eat organic taco chips and use extra pink Himalayan salt on your food. This salt is good for you and you need it a lot. It keeps your body hydrated, your cells will hold the water now and this is needed for all cell functions, your organs, blood and skin. Otherwise you drink and pee all the time. Out of bed at night to pee, you are lacking good pink Himalayan salt and purified water. When good salt is used you will drink water and really use the water for hydration of the body. All other salts except for good sea salt, are bad and filled with chemicals and preservatives. High blood pressure: You can still use as much pink Himalayan salt as you want. Drink a lot of purified/structured water, create a stress free living and ban all negativity (people) out of your environment. We have been told so many lies, now you know the truth. We need good salt at all times meaning also when having high blood pressure. High blood pressure: Drink lots of purified/structured water and your blood pressure will go down. It is that easy.

Which essential oils to use for cancer:

Cancer: use organic frankincense essential oil: 1-3 drops on a tablespoon of organic honey, 2-3 times a day. Brain cancer and many other forms of cancer will now be something of the past. But change your diet and lifestyle at the same time. Eat organic, raw when possible, gluten free and skip all bad sugar forever as sugar feeds cancer! And let go of the past and let go of stress.

Skin cancer: use drops of organic frankincense essential oil on your skin.  Use two times a day on the spot direct without mixing it. And use it internally 1-3 times a day. My fathers skin cancer disappeared in two weeks and he had not been using it every day. His skin cancer never came back again and before he had been painfully treated in the hospital for many years. Real proof here. To use frankincense essential oil internally as mentioned above: use 3 drops on a tablespoon with organic honey 1-3 times a day. You can use it with whatever ailment you have. Throat issues, flu etc. just use it but be sure you use it from trusted and organic suppliers only.

Also do not use any sunscreen in the sun for 30 minutes a day or more and leave the sun at peak hours, cover yourself or use our organic sunscreens on this website. You need your vitamin D. Skin cancer comes from lack of vitamin D, meaning from lack of sun rays and from all chemicals used in sunscreens and more. We need the sun without any protection to get our vitamin D and all energy downloads. The sun is the solutions to all diseases.