Organic Personal Care

Your organic, nano free and chemical free personal care products.

As we use our personal care products daily we need to know for sure they will assist our health and beauty.

Sunscreen: we have found the best organic and nano free sunscreens for you. Nanoparticles will enter your cells and change your DNA and with that your ability to heal yourself and to transform yourself. And all chemicals from sunscreens will enter your bloodstream with ease as the heat will open up your pores. Both nanoparticles and chemicals can create many health and beauty issues. As most suppliers do not mention that they use nanoparticles we have searched for the most honest suppliers in this world for you and we found them. None of them use nanoparticles and all ingredients are organic.

Make sure when you use a sunscreen, you first use the sun-rays for about 20 minutes a day without any protection, not even use your sunglasses. Now your body can absorb the sun rays and create your needed vitamin D. Without Vitamin D, we get (skin)cancer and all other diseases. And when we use a sunblock with chemicals we get skin cancer. They have told us so many lies about the sun and cancer, time for the truth. Therefore be aware of what products you use on your skin.

Toothpaste: all our selected toothpastes are fluoride free and totally organic. They will assist you in having healthy gums, white teeth and radiant health. Fluoride is one of the most dangerous chemicals and it is not even to be transported but they use it in our toothpaste and drinking water. So be aware what products you use. We have selected the best products for your dental health.

We will add more products when we are sure they are the best.