Organic Sun creams

What is the best sun cream to use?

These are the best sun creams and sunscreens you can find. We have searched for nano free and for organic without the use of chemicals and here they are. We have creams to be used before you go into the sun and we have creams you can use after you have had a sunny day.

When you eat green vegetables and use organic supplements like chlorella or spirulina your body will be able to handle the sun rays with ease.

Make sure you go into the sun each day for at least 20 minutes without any protection to get your vitamin D, from the sun rays. People with a darker skin and elderly need to be in the sun even longer to get the same vitamin D. When we protect us the whole day we will not get this important vitamin from the sun, and diseases will show up. Also babies need lots of vitamin D, just slowly get them adjusted to the sun. We are energy and we all need these sun rays to energize our system and to be healthy and so much more.

Skin cancer is caused by the chemicals and by the nanoparticles from chemicals used in the sunscreens today. Next to that we can get skin/cancer because we block the sun rays with all these sunblocks, and that is why we all lack vitamin D. They even put these sunblocks in your day creams, make up and more. Be aware. Enjoy the sun, it is our light & life source.