Teeth & Gums

When you use organic and natural products you can forget your dentist and heal your teeth yourself.

We have searched for products which will assist with your dental health so your visits to your dentist will be something of the past.

Know that when you teeth are bad your body is not in good health. It is all connected. Therefore make sure you use organic and healthy products. It is even possible when you use the right organic products to have your cavities healed with the use of healthy products only.

For instance when you use Dragon’s Blood as a mouth wash, your gums will heal. Read our blog post about the use and power of Dragon’s Blood. And we will inform you all about dental health in other posts. There is so much we can do ourselves, but you need to know it. See our DIY for creating your own toothpaste. Or you can buy the ones we show you here. Be wise and go organic and heal your teeth before it is too late. All our products will help you get your dental health back.

Please do not use fluoride, besides being one of the most dangerous chemicals, it is weakening your teeth and these white spots on your teeth are fluoride spots. Many kids have them, meaning they need to detox this fluoride out of their system. We will inform you about that on our blog posts. But when you use our products you will smile the whole day. Be happy and healthy.