Cellulite: What to do when you have cellulitis?

We do not believe in the story of any bacteria. We believe it is a change in cell and skin structure which are caused by chemicals. Chemicals are the main cause of all skin and health issues.

Cellulite is a sign of unhealthy fascia, which can cause a lack of blood flow to muscles, skin and fat. It can restrict nerves causing pain (fibromyalgia). Collagen is shrinking and fat has no place to go and the cells are inflamed plus hormones are out of balance which in turn creates cellulite.

It is an inflammation reaction in the cells. All due to hormonal changes (hormones change from using chemicals), toxic food, specially gluten, processed food, chemical products and chemical medications.

All can be adjusted by: detox these chemicals out of your system, eating organic gluten free food, using organic supplements (organic greens, organic vitamin C, organic black seed oil, the aloe arborescens recipe etc.) and with massaging the skin with the right tools. And finally use of the right organic skin care products. And be active, move, walk, jump or dance.

When you detox all chemicals out, drink lots of purified water and when you exercise and change your life style, cellulite can be reversed. Heat will also help. Far or near infra red sauna will be very good to use, for both detox and skin rejuvenation. Use epsom salt baths and scrub your skin with organic coffee. See our coffee scrub DIY for that.

Creams and oils will help but only when you massage them in and combine this with the above recommendations. Plus know you are beautiful and your skin will follow.

We will show you the best products to assist you to have a beautiful skin.

Be beautiful, happy and healthy.