We have selected the best organic skin care products for psoriasis for all of you. Every skin issue/disease is gut related. Heal your gut and heal your skin.

Eat organic and gluten free and heal your gut with organic supplements like the Aloe Arborescens recipe, organic black seed oil, organic vitamin C and more.

Detox all chemicals out of your system and feed your body with organic nutrients to build up your immune system.

Take epsom salt baths or sea salt bath, swim in the salt sea and scrub your skin with salt or with our DIY coffee scrub.

Use only organic skin care products and use the sun rays without protections for at least 20- 30 minutes a day. Vitamin D is essential for all health issues and diseases. Want to stay longer in the sun, use our organic sun creams and forget all the sun lotions and creams with chemicals, they will destroy your skin and your health. In the winter time, use a sun solarium with UV A lamps to transform your skin to being healthy again.

Light therapy will be the key to transform psoriasis and all skin issues. Also good to use is a far or near infra red sauna. For detox, boosting collagen production and for getting younger at the same time.

We will assist you with organic and natural healing solutions.