Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be prevented and can be healed with the right organic products and tools.

We will provide you with all the organic products and tools you need use to reverse your stretch marks.

Stretch marks often occur during pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and when younger people are growing too quick. When they first appear, stretch marks tend to be a shade of red, varying from bright reddish pink to a deep purplish red. Though the stretch marks cannot be completely removed, their appearance can be dramatically diminished with proper care.

The skin requires collagen to stretch. The less collagen, the more likely for stretch marks to appear. Boost your collagen therefore with organic supplements specially with organic vitamin C, the far infra red sauna for boosting collagen and massage the skin with organic oils and creams.

The dermaroller with 1,5 millimeters for thighs. Different sizes are used for other parts of the body.

The dermaroller will assist with fading stretch marks. By making little holes in the skin and with the right organic oils and creams the skin will be able to heal from the outside as well. Make sure you use it on a clean and dry skin.  Never ever use products with chemicals as these will go into your bloodstream with full speed now. Be sure to use organic products after. Best to use is an organic vitamin C serum which will boost the collagen production and heal the skin at the same time.

According to the Mayo Clinic, several types of medications can cause stretch marks. Be aware of what medications you use.

When you are young you can also have stretch marks. This is because the body grows in quick spurts that can stretch the skin. Boys often develop stretch marks on the back and shoulders, while girls tend to experience them on the thighs, hips and breasts. This occurs because the dermis, a layer of strong fibers that connect to each other and help skin stretch, tears when the skin stretches too quickly. The fibers in the dermis break, leaving small tears in which blood vessels show through.

Vitamin E, non GMO and organic will assist the skin in forming new skin cells, thereby reducing the appearance of the stretch marks. Use it in high amounts.

When you are pregnant make sure you keep your skin oily and use organic oils to make sure you skin will be elastic. Prevention is a lot easier. And this is also the case when you are growing up, loosing weight or gaining weight, keep your skin moisturized and use healthy products only.

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