We have selected the best organic products and tools for treating vitiligo.

Vitiligo is caused by chemicals and is an auto- immune response of our system. We need to go back to nature to heal this skin issue. We will assist you with that.

You need the sun rays without protection 20- 30 minutes a day, no more chemicals on your skin. Use before going in the sun, Black seed oil on your skin and go sun bathing. This will make your skin color come back again. Also to be used internally. 1 teaspoons a day and up. When you want to stay longer in the sun use our organic sun creams without chemicals and without nanoparticles.

Best is to detox all chemicals out of your system (find our Essiac tea, our Aloe recipe and Chlorella) and try to reduce stress. Protect yourself from EMF and feed your body organic products and food. Use organic skin care products and know that the sun is your best cure. Vitamin D is essential for every disease and for every skin disease. Next to that light therapy tools will assist in healing this skin issue. You can use different colors to boost your system.

When the immune system is boosted all health and skin issues will be reversed. Use healthy products and know you are beautiful. Know that the sun is your healing energy source at all times also when you have vitiligo.

Be happy and beautiful.