Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes


Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes are the dry flakes of raw, ultra-pure magnesium chloride and other naturally-occurring trace minerals, drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe, in a convenient and economical form for use in baths and foot soaks. This transdermal form of magnesium chloride is rapidly absorbed through the skin, resulting in a far greater percentage of the active ingredient reaching the bloodstream and cells than if taken orally.

When added to a warm bath, this therapeutic product works to improve skin hydration, promote the removal of toxins, speed wound healing, enhance skin barrier function and decrease inflammation. Many claim these bath flakes are effective as an aid to healing skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis*, also as an aid in relieving muscle aches and cramps, including period pain, as it is an excellent muscle relaxant.

100% Natural, Certified Cruelty-free. Vegan.

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Genuine Zechstein TM magnesium chloride flakes (and other naturally occurring trace minerals).


**** (4/5) Such a relaxing bath
I only used half a bag so I could spread it over two baths in two nights and it was so relaxing. I imagine it would be even better if I used the whole bag so it’s stronger. I will buy it again.
Written by Rianna on 10 March 2018

***** (5/5) Just wonderful
Love this product. I enjoy the flakes in this brand more than the oil (I find the oil just too oily). Love this product so much that I only ever buy the 3.6 kilo bag. I have lost count of the amount of times I have ordered this.
Written by Kate on 5 November 2017

***** (5/5) Our favourite
I use these salt in our bath, it is very soothing for sore muscles and helps my boys to slow down and sleep well.
Written by Suzie on 7 October 2017

***** (5/5) The BEST!
I have been using these for a while now in my kids bath at night and it has really helped miss 5 to settle for sleep quicker than before which would take a while, mr 10 has been soaking in this for his anxiety and I feel it has helped him I use about 1/2 a C in their baths. These are very good quality and I highly recommend you try them
Written by Kellie on 11 September 2017

***** (5/5) Great for soaking sore muscles
I use these in the bath to help with sore muscles. Always works a treat!
Written by Krystle on 2 September 2017

**** (4/5) Relaxing
I use these in the bath when I feel a little rundown. They do seem to give me the boost I need. Have tried them in the kids bath too – seems to help a little with growing pains but unfortunately hasn’t helped in getting them to sleep better. I don’t use as much as the directions say to (which is basically the whole lot for a bath) – I use 1 cup.
Written by Emma on 1 September 2017

***** (5/5) Would buy again
Relaxing baths made easy
Written by Jes on 12 August 2017

**** (4/5) Beautiful product
I love these flakes, they appear to be very high quality, packaging is user friendly and they absorb well in my water bottle. Taste is a bit yuck, but I’m hoping to get used to this. I haven’t noticed the amazing benefits like some of the other reviewers, but it may take more time. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks.
Written by Elle on 3 August 2017

***** (5/5) Brilliant product
Have been using these flakes for years. Like that you can buy a big bag. Use it on my jack russell terrier who suffers with Lupus (SLE).
Written by Kate on 6 July 2017

***** (5/5) Yes yes yes
Great for the whole family. I’ve never enjoyed a soak as much as I do now in this beautiful product.
Written by Gemma on 6 July 2017

***** (5/5) Love this product
Nothing better than a soak in theses flakes.
Written by Deb on 24 May 2017

***** (5/5) My fav magnesium salts
A standard order item for me, the best value salts – the whole family are loving the regular long soaks.
Written by Jodie on 21 May 2017

***** (5/5) Make your own oil
I used these to make my own magnesium “oil”. So much more economical and I have not been disappointed.
Written by Claire on 7 March 2017

**** (4/5) Relaxing
Even better than Epsom salts. It’s especially relaxing after a long week at work, in a warm bath with a nice glass of wine in hand
Written by Lisa on 28 February 2017

***** (5/5) Helps me relax
Good for relaxation, sleep, General well-being. Good gift!
Written by Nikita on 21 January 2017

***** (5/5) So good
Seriously makes your body feel so nice and relaxed after using in the bath!
Written by Katelyn on 7 January 2017

***** (5/5) Good option
Bulk option is best option. Love this in my bath. Beautiful product
Written by Elise on 25 December 2016

**** (4/5) Great but doesn’t last long
Great magnesium flakes but the packet doesn’t last long (would need 3 cups or more for a bath) at $21 a pop! Aside from that this is excellent at relaxation, removing unused adrenaline from the system and quietening the nervous system for a great nights sleep.
Written by Georgia on 28 September 2016

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