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Your organic Body Boost Pack – Courage & Confidence



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Our organic Body Boost Pack will assist you in the morning with whatever challenges you will have that day. In this case you will add courage and confidence to the mixture and combined with oil of magnesium all stress will disappear in minutes. Also to be used for your kids as they can use a boost at whatever school/ examination they attend to. In just two minutes a day you can experience all the benefits of massage and aromatherapy in one go.

You can select the blend of your choice on the website of our supplier, depending the issues you want to work on.

SELECT YOUR SYNERGY BLEND Celebrate & Uplift, De-Stress & Revive, Energy & Vitality, Focus & Clarity, Immune Boost, Instant Calm, Balance & Harmony, Courage & Confidence, Detox & Strengthen, Peace & Meditation, Romance & Intimacy or Vigour & Spice.

Each organic Body Boost pack includes:

100 ml Cold Pressed organic Carrier Oil
50ml Magnesium Oil (get your magnesium level up and relax all your muscles including your heart, no more cramps and it is that easy)
A White Ceramic Bowl
10ml Synergy Blend of your choice and in this case: Courage & Confidence. Also to be used for your kids.

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