• Body Boost Pack

Your organic Body Boost Pack – Detox & Strengthen


The perfect pack to get you started on your body boosting journey! This is one of the most incredible and life-changing rituals you will ever embrace. It’s time to honor and nurture who you truly are and be grateful for the gifts you bring.

100 ml Cold Pressed organic Carrier Oil

50 ml Magnesium Oil

A White Ceramic Bowl

10 ml Detox & Strengthen Synergy Blend

  • 100% Organic


Each organic Body Boost pack includes:

100 ml Cold Pressed organic Carrier Oil
50ml Magnesium Oil
A White Ceramic Bowl
10ml Synergy Blend of your choice. In this case the Detox and Strengthen mix for removing all toxic waste from your body and strengthening it at the same time.

You can select the blend of your choice on the website of our supplier, depending the issues you want to work on.

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SELECT YOUR SYNERGY BLEND Celebrate & Uplift, De-Stress & Revive, Energy & Vitality, Focus & Clarity, Immune Boost, Instant Calm, Balance & Harmony, Courage & Confidence, Detox & Strengthen, Peace & Meditation, Romance & Intimacy, Vigour & Spice

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