• CBD Oil 10 ml
  • CBD Oil 10 ml

CBD Oil 10 ml


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Highly concentrated organic CBD oil based on a 1:1 mixture of organic olive oil and Dutch Natural Healing organic CBD extract with 16.5% CBD.


















***** (5/5) Deborah(18/11/2017)
I just received a bottle of this from my son and I don’t know if it’s this that’s helping me? I have severe Pain and Fibromyalgia and chronic Bowel problems. Well after taking this for only three days, for the first time in over a year I had a normal bowel Movement. And I have been sleeping thru the night. And My inflammation has reduced. I did notice i went pee more but I think it was cleaning me out. My pain is not as severe either. I will keep using and let you know how my progress is. I’m just thrilled if this is really what’s helping me. I will need to share it with the pain community.


***** (5/5) Dawud(13/11/2017)

This people know what they are doing (dutchnatrualhealing), one of the best oils I tried. Top quality, full of terpenes and you can taste them!. Very good price, check out the rest of the corrupt cbd companies and producers, they take liberties with people’s money. Anyway Great product keep up the good work dutch…


***** (5/5) Amaury(01/11/2017)

I offered some of this CBD oil to my mom who suffers from chronic sleeping disorder and anxiety and it really helped her. On top of that the customer service is incredibly nice ! Thanks DNH.


***** (5/5) Nico(25-09-2017)

Ungefähr so habe ich mir CBD vorgestellt. 🙂 Geschmack und Qualität sind top! Das Öl hilft mir wirklich sehr bei meiner unregelmäßgen inneren Unruhe, man ist einfach ausgeglichener und fühlt sich wirklich wohler (besser kann man es einfach nicht beschreiben). Bestelle bald wieder, danke Dutch Natural Healing.


***** (5/5) Jasan seery (18-09-2017)

I’ve used many CBD oils and I find Dutch natural healing great and the customer service has been nothing short of amazing


***** (5/5) Micha(29-08-2017)

Ich habe das CBD Öl gegen meine Migräne eingesetzt. Die Wirkung ist hervorragend – aber ich kann es leider nicht weiter verwenden, da mein Körper auf das Öl mit einer sehr starken Entgiftung reagiert – mein Schweiß fängt dann an zu stinken, als hätte ich mich mit Knoblauch und Zwiebel abgerieben. Wasser, Seife und Deo bringen keine Hilfe. Der Wechsel auf CBD active + bringt mir die selbe/bessere Wirkung, ohne die unerwünschten Nebeneffekte! Mein Freund und Physiotherapeut, der auch Palliativ- und Schmerzpatienten betreut, hat es nach meinen Erfahrungen zweien seiner MS Patienten zukommen lassen. Diese sind über die Wirkung sehr begeistert und er kann es auch direkt an deren Muskelzustand beurteilen. Weiterhin verhilft es ihnen zu einem guten, erholsamen Schlaf. Es ist schön, die hervorragende Wirkung am eigenen Leib zu erfahren und Menschen, die schwere Leiden haben, helfen zu können. Danke für eure tollen Produkte mit der super Qualität und den fairen Preisen!


***** (5/5) Frederik(09-08-2017) 

I am overall very happy with this product and especially this seller. The product is just awesome and really helps me to stay calm. The quality of this product is so damn high compaired to other brands and it only costs a fraction of many others. And the shipping time was under 1 week to Denmark, so that is fast shipping speed. And the costumer service is top.


***** (5/5) Viviane(09-08-2017)

Hey Fred, du hast mir als Probe ein kleines Fläschchen zugeschickt, und ich denke ich bleibe bei diesem Oel hängen. Es ist super gut und sehr handlich. Ich leide seit x Jahren an Reizdarm, und seit ich allgemein CBD nehme geht es mir viel besser 🙂 Danke an das ganze Team groetje Viviane


***** (5/5) Peter H(03-08-2017)

From all the different oil that we have to buy these days, this is by far the best. The price is right and the customer support is epic. Really good.


***** (5/5) Evan H.(25-07-2017)

I have ordered the regular CBD oil and the CBDactive+ and both have worked great for me. I’m from the United States, and each time my order arrived in a timely manner. This order I placed just arrived and I was amazed to see they threw in an extra bottle of CBDactive+. The CBD oil, the customer service, the shipment, etc. everything about Dutch Natural Healing is great. I would definitely recommend them. I’ve tried several other companies and few have given me the same level of relief that this CBD oil has. Thank you to Lars and everyone at Dutch Natural Healing.


***** (5/5) Stephanie C(28-06-2017)

It is a pleasure doing business with Lars at Dutch Natural Healing. The product was shipped the day after ordered and got to USA in a timely manner. Lars has been so helpful and answers any questions. I have been in severe pain for 34 years and this is a new product for me…just a few weeks so far. I can say to this point that is is helping me feel more relaxed which is always a good thing for pain. I am hopeful in time that I will have many more great things to report as far as the nerve pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Next time I will also try the CBDa oil and I will share more later. I did EXTENSIVE research into other CBD companies before I found Lars and nothing seemed right. I am so grateful to have found an honest and fair company. Best prices and quality. Thank you Lars!


***** (5/5) Ta Van Geit(28-06-2017)

Als dystoniepatiënt heb ik sinds voorbije maand meer last van verkrampingen, scheefstand van het hoofd en pijn. De klachten verergeren door angst en stress en het enige wat me, naast injecties, voorgeschreven wordt zijn benzodiazepines. De doses moeten telkens worden opgedreven waardoor mijn hele lichaam/geest wordt ‘plat gelegd’. Ik ben constant moe, lusteloos, verstrooid en down. Bovendien zijn die pillen verslavend. Dus begon ik wanhopig te zoeken naar een alternatief. Gelukkig ben ik terecht gekomen op deze site. Ik heb geen ervaring met andere CBD-olie, ik weet enkel dat deze olie werkt. Op 2 dagen ben ik vrij van benzodiazepines, zonder afkickverschijnselen, dat is gewoon ongelooflijk! Mijn huisarts staat er ook van te kijken. Mijn dystonie is uiteraard niet weg, ik heb nog klachten, maar ik ben tenminste helder van geest, heb minder pijn, slaap veel beter, ben in een betere mood, kortom ik heb zowat mijn leven terug. Van harte dank aan Lars voor de informatie en de service!


***** (5/5) Tatjana(28-06-2017)

Hi Lars, I have ordered 3 week’s ago oil from you for my 4 year old son with epilepsy. I yust like to thank you and share my happines with you becouse my son is great! He dont have seazures and twitch any more,he is fine,bether then ever. Thank you once again,from now on we are you’r regular customer.


***** (5/5) Leo Howe(28-06-2017)

I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy alongside depression and severe anxiety – this product helped relieved all of my symptoms within a month. 100 times better than any prescribed medicine that I have tried. Thank you very much Lars.


***** (5/5) Maddie Higgins(28-06-2017)

Excellent product. This product is made with a very caring energy & excellence. I suffer from extreme pain everyday. Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, PTSD, ADD, Spinal stenosis- the pain from that has been unspeakably horrid (just operated on blown out disc), nerve damage, muscle spasms are so intense I’m woke by them every night, almost every type of anxiety (you know they have to name all of it, lol). I’m only almost 29 & my life has been very painful to live for years, sometimes almost impossible. I wanted so badly to get help for these things & enjoy life. So, I tried this & honestly, I’m feeling better every day. It took a couple days to take full effect, but when it did my cells felt RELIEF! Finally! Seller is honest, kind & helpful. Highly recommend. My sister ordered 2 bottles after hearing I sounded betteron the phone!


***** (5/5) Christine McConnell(28-06-2017)

Thank you so much for your added extra and your pretty packaging. Took a few weeks to arrive over here in Australia but very happy with the transaction.


***** (5/5) James4191(28-06-2017)

All of Dutch Natural Healing products are Great! Completely satisfied!!


***** (5/5) John Massen(28-06-2017)

I use the drops along with the paste to help combat the awful chemo side effects. Lars produces a great product which is packaged well and delivered promptly. Thank you Lars. 🙂


***** (5/5) Rebel, Texas(28-06-2017)

Purchased for my husband who has been in pain management for a couple years after wreck. Had multiple injuries and surgeries. He hates the narcotics, and they were not doing much for the pain anymore. After starting to use this, is has been able to stop taking the narcotics all together. It makes his pain manageable. He said it helps his muscles relax and he can tell it helps a lot with the inflammation. I can tell it also helps with his anxiety level and mood and it helps him relax enough to sleep. This is a great product and the communication is great and the shipping was surprisingly fast! Will order again, and recommend.


***** (5/5) Daniel Norfor(28-06-2017)

Great oil,my wife who suffers from various types of epilepsy says that it has helped reduced seizure frequency quite a lot,she now also takes less meds with out any side affects! Also lars is great at getting bk to u quick & answers any questions u may have. Really seems to want to help 😉 Over all very good service. 😉


***** (5/5) Linda(28-05-2017)

Ik ben er erg tevreden over, mijn huid is opgeknapt (volwassen acne of wat het ook was) en ik voel me rustiger en vrolijker. Ik merk ook dat ik actiever ben en dagelijkse klusjes beter aan kan. Overigens heb ik mijn hele leven een ruwe droge huid gehad over mijn ledematen, voor het eerst in mijn leven is die nu bijna gewoon, zacht! Ik heb ook de active plus gekocht, die veel makkelijker doseert. Mijn enige negatieve opmerking is namelijk dat het flesje ongelofelijk knoeit, zonde van de olie en je kan het zo ook niet goed meenemen. Het active plus flesje is veel handiger. Misschien kan ik het over gieten in een plastic knijpflesje.


This is HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT! Its important I put emphasis on that because a lot of companies sell weak products. I know because I’ve wasted my time, health, and money buying them. The Hemp Barn is different. They offer full spectrum CBD -REAL FULL SPECTRUM. When you open their CBD from Dutch Naturals, you can SMELL the difference. Its RICH. Its THICK as molasses. I could FEEL it working in minutes! Its also fresh. They aren’t selling you product that’s been sitting around for a year. This has seriously been a game changer for me! I recommend it to everyone i know! My pain and swelling diminished so much everyone around me was astounded. I was no longer sick to my stomach. My heart rate slowed to normal. My skin glowed after looking lifeless due to lack of blood flow. This Is Amazing!

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