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Hailed as the “healthiest and most versatile oil on Earth”, the benefits of pure organic coconut oil are countless! The Coconut Magic Coconut Oil is raw and cold pressed, produced without using any heat or chemicals and is stored in dark glass to ensure it retains the highest nutritional content possible.

Coconut oil has so many uses. It makes a fabulous cooking-oil as it is highly heat resistant, free from cholesterol and trans-fat, and ideal for cooking at high temperatures. With many nutritional benefits coconut oil makes a great supplement, as it’s deliciously tasting with a delicate buttery flavour and a hint of tropical coconut aroma. Plus it’s easily digested and metabolised by the body to energise, nourish and heal.

Coconut Oil:
• Alkalises your body
• Supports weight loss
• Helps make your skin & hair shine
• Boosts your energy
• Protects skin from free radical damage
• Helps kill disease causing bacteria and viruses
• Helps balance blood sugar & sugar cravings
• Is the best oil to use for oil pulling

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