Edible Beauty Tea No. 1 – Green Goddess Detox


Detoxify your body without putting yourself on a gruelling and difficult diet. If you wake up feeling less than perfect, this Green Goddess Detox Tea will soon have you up and running at your best. It cleanses and detoxes your body, helping to repair your liver and making you feel light and radiant.

Made with pure, botanical and wildcrafted ingredients such as St Mary’s Thistle, Schizandra and Dandelion Root, this tea helps to protect the liver and aid in the removal of toxins. It supports hormone balance, and even helps to preserve your youth, while improving stamina and preventing fatigue. Schizandra is even touted as a cancer-fighting herb, which boosts the immune system and regenerates the liver and helps the body fight back against stress. This tea will rehydrate you after a night’s sleep and get you ready to face whatever the day has to throw at you.

Choose from the beautiful glass jar or the refill pack.

Please note: Unfortunately due to Customs and Postal regulations, we are unable to send this product overseas outside of Australia.


Jasmine Green Tea*, St Marys*, Schizandra*, Ginger*, Dandelion Root*, Lemon Grass*, Apple pieces*, Lemon Peel*, Chen Pi*, Spearmint*, Calendula*, Nettle*

*Denotes organic ingredient

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