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Frankincense is deeply comforting, taken from the resin of the tree it has a smooth and penetrating aroma that has been used for centuries to disperse fear and instill a peace and calmness to the spirit. Its deep rejuvenating properties also makes it ideal for skincare and healing wounds.

Twenty8 offers the finest, organic essential oils available on the planet today. Chosen for their exceptional therapeutic properties for use on the body, especially when incorporating the daily body boost ritual, these oils offer extensive benefits in all areas of one’s life. Their renowned psycho-aromatherapy characteristics also greatly enhance the way you think and feel within seconds. We proudly claim these oils to be the best you will ever find.

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor frankincense


Frankincense and Cancer:  There is An Alternative Treatment for Cancer and it is so easy to use.

Current treatment for cancer is a selection of one or more intervention, such as, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  Those of us who have family members and friends who have suffered from cancer and had undergone conventional medical treatment for cancer, would have seen how they have further suffered undergoing treatment. Not only suffered but only 2 % survives these treatments and lives longer than 5 years. They do not want you to know only 2 % survives chemo and/ or radiation and they do not want you to know about all the natural cures for cancer. Cancer will not kill you when you act on it with boosting your health but their evil treatments will.

Is there an alternative treatment for cancer?

Yes, there are hundreds ways to fight cancer naturally.

Dr H K Lin, one of the world’s most foremost authorities on frankincense, made it his vision to investigate the healing qualities of frankincense.  Frankincense has had a long history of treating the sick, dating back thousands of years.  Frankincense has also been used in Chinese medicine for cancer and is still used to treat cancer.  Frankincense is tumour cell specific – it would be non-toxic and it would not harm normal cells.  Chemotherapy, on the other hand, does not differentiate between fast-growing tumours and healthy cells. Chemo is mustard gas and is used during the war. It kills all. It kills your health for sure.

In 2008, Dr H K Lin led a research team that tested frankincense (Boswellia carteri) on both human bladder cancer cells and normal bladder cells in laboratory experiments.  Dr Lin and his team found that frankincense essential oil from Boswellia carteri suppressed cancer growth and activated mechanisms which kill the dangerous cells.

In 2011, Dr Lin and another team of researchers, which included Dr Mahmoud M Suhail, a paediatrician based in Oman and who is also a prominent researcher on the effects of frankincense on cancer cells, found that Boswellia sacra essential oil induces tumour cell specific apoptosis and suppresses tumour aggressiveness in cultured human breast cancer cells.

In 2012, Dr Lin and Dr Suhail Frankincense essential oil prepared from hydrodistillation of Boswellia sacra gum resins induces human pancreatic cancer cell death in cultures.


My personal note:

Personally I have used it for curing my father from skin cancer and more. It works like magic. Just use it on the skin and use it internal. For internal usage: use 1-3 drops on a spoon of organic honey 1-3 times a day. Even brain cancer and lung cancer is to be cured with this magical gift from nature. Within 2 weeks my fathers cancer was gone and it never returned. Just use it and you can use if for all health issues and inflammation. Either on your skin (acne or any other skin issues) or internal to stop your body from inflammation. Inflammation is your body telling you something is wrong. You are either eating wrong or using bad medications. Only use organic essential oils internally from trusted suppliers.  ( note: not all organic essential oils can be used internally) Many suppliers do not even know where their oil is coming from so they are not reliable at all. Be aware.

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