Immune Boost Synergy Blend 10ml


Your organic essential oil blend to boost your immune system quickly to become healthy and strong again. This potent combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Pine is perfect to get you back on top fast and feeling great. A powerful decongestant with anti-bacterial properties, use as your safeguard and immune booster. Beautiful to use when cleaning and exquisite when you need a fresh clean aroma filtering throughout the home or office.

Twenty8 offers the finest, organic essential oils available on the planet today. Chosen for their exceptional therapeutic properties for use on the body, especially when incorporating the daily body boost ritual, these oils offer extensive benefits in all areas of one’s life. Their renowned psycho-aromatherapy characteristics also greatly enhance the way you think and feel within seconds. We proudly claim these oils to be the best you will ever find.

  • 100% Organic

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