Immune Illume


Potent drops; fortifying antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agents groom a resistant immune.
This fortifying fuse of potent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agents groom a resistant immune; hyssop, thymes, ravensara, rosemary, eucalyptus + oregano releases breathing. Inhale, bathe, massage into chest + sinuses or diffuse. Ingest a drop or two in: olive oil, teas or a honey medicinemuse.
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All Organic Ingredients:

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis decumbens)Happy Hyssop emits a welcoming honey-herbal aroma, and is a practical and potent essence. Steam-distilled and organically harvested in France, this herb has been traditionally used in the treatment of respiratory issues, soothing skin tissues and sinus congestion.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) Thyme is on your side. Yes, it is! This heroic herb has a history of helping the body recover after illness and for boosting the balance of the thymus gland. Described as ‘perfume of the dawn in paradise’, thyme, a tendril of a plant that is herbaceous and sweet, and one of the most practical plant essences you will ever inhale. A perennial favorite of herbalists throughout history due to its fragrant antibacterial properties. The Latin word thymos means “to perfume” and ancient Greeks used the word thymiatechny to describe the art of using perfumes as medicine.

Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) Rare ravensara revitalizes! Steam-distilled in the lush rain forests of Madagascar, this oil contains high levels of limonene, linaloolalpha-pinenedelta careensabinene, and a host of other potent botanical compounds. We think of this essence as the Echinacea of aromatherapy, whether you are feeling the first signs of being worn out, or are seeking to prevent a bout of imbalances, reach for Ravensara. It is an illuminating essence, invoking clarity and purity.

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis)Rosemary is for remembrance as it stimulates thinking by increasing blood flow throughout the brain and body. Thanks to this time-tested remedy, Immune Illume is graced by rosemary’s affinity the respiratory system.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)Eucalyptus is an elucidating expectorantthat opens the sinuses and clears respiration. For decades upon decades this deluxe decongestant has been helping humans breathe by cleansing and clearing spaces, places, and faces.

Oregano (Origanum Vulgare)Opulent oregano is a classic botanical-biotic that illuminates immunity, eliminates invaders and stimulates clarity.


Cold stopped in it’s tracks

I use immune illume as soon as I feel a hint of a cold. It has stopped it in its track. I’ve used it to heal strep throat along with oregano oil and lion balm for sore muscles. no anti*biotics needed! I could list so many more!

Goes great with my salt inhaler

I love this blend! I usually just 1-2 drops in my salt inhaler and inhale away. I can really feel it in my lungs and it’s a great way to wake up to first thing in the morning. I’ve also used 1 drop to put on my throat area if I’m starting to feel run down and have even put in with lemon and hot water and it taste great taking internally. I’m really impressed with Nadine’s concoctions.

Tastes Amazing and it Works!

This little Immune Potion is working wonders! During winter time or when my lymph is feeling a little slushish around my head I use this with the Himalayan Salt Inhaler and ingest it with some manuka honey. After only 5 minutes of inhaling this delicious potion I start to cough up mucus. After a week of this treatment I feel so much better and all the mucus and coughing is gone! Really felt the effect with this one. This one is a MUST in your medicine cabinet!


OK, I ordered this hoping it might come in handy during the winter months when I suffer from our dry, cold climate. My nose is always stuffed up or dripping, and I fight a cold or two every winter. Seriously, I started stiffing this before bedtime and every morning, and I can honestly say I feel great. This is the first winter since moving to the Midwest I haven’t suffered with respiratory issues. People all around me have colds and the flu (everyone in my family had the stomach flu), but I kept going! I have convinced a few others to try it out because I feel so strongly. My daughter actually comes into my room asking to smell the oil when she isn’t feeling well. What a product!!!

The Favorite ~~~ Great Canadian Cold Warrior “Immune Illume”

When there is the slightest under the weather feeling, our bottle of Immune Illume that is irreplaceable. Yes, in a salt inhaler, diffuser, a few drops in tea with honey (or a little on the sinuses diluted. Bingo – works like nothing else.) Thank you ~~ alchemist Nadine. wonderful creations that work and are irreplaceable. Truly brilliant products I am learning so much from them.

Never leave home without it!

Chases away that pesky tickle in your throat!  Immune Illume always has a perfect place in my pouch!

Your Stuff is AMAZING!!!

“Holy Wow, Nadine, your stuff is AMAZING!!!! I rubbed the Immune Illume on me and my husband’s chest, he had bronchitis over Christmas and we both have this lingering cold, last night was the first night we had a solid’s night sleep. I’m just putting one drop of the yogi tooth serum on my tooth brush and my teeth feel so clean.   I don’t think I’ll ever buy toothpaste again!”


“Our 7 month old baby recently got her first cold, and it turned bronchial.  After a few days of wondering the best course of action, one morning we rubbed a drops or two of Immune Illume on her chest.  By afternoon she was vastly improved.  That was barely two days ago – now her nasty cold is completely gone.  I am convinced the blend zapped the germs, broke up the phlegm, made it easier for her to breathe, and soothed her throat/bronchial tubes.     Thank you!!”

Good for my Asthma

Last night – I tried the immuneillume and it did the trick  – a little on chest and a little in honey before I went to sleep – did NOT wake up at 4:30am with asthma – slept right on thru…will place the order today – and thanks for the quick response – have an awesome day/week!  Pam


My daughter got very sick with a high fever, headache, bodyaches, glassy eyes. I gave her some immune illume and after a nap she was back to herself within a couple of hours! Amazing! Thank you Nadine for making these products ?

It works! and fast!

“Ever skeptical of new things, my husband finally agreed to try a botanical oil just this morning as he worried about his worsening chest cold.  I told him to apply a drop to his chest and eat a drop in some honey… that was 15 minutes ago. He just said, “”Wow, it worked!””  Now THAT is an endorsement.  His chest has stopped burning and he has stopped coughing. A few months ago, I took a bottle to a friend who was ill. She has rheumatoid arthritis and takes immune supressing drugs as treatment, so a cold can turn serious quickly. Within just a few minutes of applying it, she had stopped coughing and was breathing more freely. I, on the otherhand, use Immune Illume preventitively so I won’t catch a cold at all. I love this stuff.”

Immune Savior

I love Immune Illume.  I use one drop in my sinus rinse.  I ingest one drop for extra immune support in the winter. These past two weeks, I traveled to Arizona and rubbed a little into my nose and ears before getting on the plane like Nadine suggested and felt protected around all of the coughing and sneezing.  Thanks to your chrisms, my respiratory tract is clear!  Thank you!