• Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna
  • Near Infrared Pocket Sauna

Near Infrared Pocket Sauna


We handcraft the finest personal near infrared lamp sauna on Earth. Our Pocket Sauna® totally hypoallergenic and quality-made for a lifetime of reliable use with sleek, flexible design for the modern mobile sauna enthusiast. Don’t settle for cheap materials and 100s of pounds of bulky cabinet; we offer a smarter approach to sauna use.

Enjoy the detoxification and revitalization of near infrared (NIr) lamp sauna therapy. We uniquely offer the happy healing natural thermal light spectrum of red, near infrared and thermal infrared wavelengths. Red Light Therapy for cellular re-optimization through mitochondrial activation combined with the cellular detoxification that only comes from heat shock therapy.


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Ultra-low EMF incandescent (tungsten) heat lamps emit a full-spectrum light emission that operates at around 850 nm, covering the entire 600-950 nm red and near infrared light band that uniquely stimulates mitochondrial regenerative and anti-aging systems in the body’s cells & tissues.

The 1150 nm and greater wavelengths emitted comprise the “thermal infrared” that heats our tissues, because water absorbs most light wavelengths above 1150 nm. So we get plenty of thermal infrared wavelengths from our incandescent light source for effective, gentle, feel-good sauna sweat therapy.






4 Low-EMF Near Infrared tungsten lamps for the ultimate natural thermal light therapy experience.
Worldwide Voltage Compatible.
Our signature chromed steel guards keep you safe.
Tool-free mounting hardware easily adjusts lamp height.
Carrying handle for easy transport.


Dual-layer cotton canvas Cover maintains perfect air temperature above 100ºF (37.8 °C) for optimal NIr lamp sauna use.
Sturdy basswood frame structure featuring patent-pending Easy-Insert Frame Connectors for assembly in minutes.
Curtained Entrance provides easy access.
Brass Grommet hides power cord to achieve our signature minimalist beauty.


Our signature Stool supports proper alignment between lamps & torso, so you get the most out of your Near Infrared Sauna Therapy.
Robotically-milled Top provides curvaceous comfort.
Peace of mind with our simple tool-free assembly.


Cover Bag
Stool Bag
Frame + Mat Bag


Product setup and care.
Use guidelines for safe sauna operation.
General product information.



Robotic precision combined with our handcrafted touch
Easy tool-free 1-person setup
Fully height-adjustable Light Panel
Worldwide voltage compatible
Curtained entrance provides easy access and temperature control
Dual-layer cotton canvas Cover maintains air temperature above 100ºF (37.8 °C) for proper NIr lamp sauna use

The guard keeps you safe from contact with the operating heat lamps. Open the door with one hand for easy bulb installation and removal. The thin gauge wire grill allows maximal NIr light emittance yet doesn’t get too hot to touch.

Tool-free mounting hardware easily adjusts lamp height.

Carrying handle for easy transport.

Controlled by separate switch for convenience. Provides stronger heating effect and faster preheating versus the 3 Lamp Model.



Basswood is the best sauna wood: featherlight & zero VOC-rated, so it’s the hypoallergenic choice for those with acute chemical sensitivity concerns. Basswood is has a gentle grain pattern, with color notes of pink and cream. Sustainably harvested in North America.

Our signature hardware is manufactured in USA using double-plated chromed steel. No plastic, synthetics or aluminum.

100% chemical-free 10 oz cotton duck. Grown, spun, woven, water-scoured and sanforized in the USA. Machine washable. Water-only scouring of yarn prior to weaving removes contaminants without the use of chemicals, so our fabric is clean & hypoallergenic.

Our mat is not treated with any oils, finishes or varnishes. Because the bamboo used for the Mat is untreated, it cannot withstand constant exposure to caustic, toxin-laden sauna sweat. Towels must be placed on the floor to collect your sweat and be removed for washing after your sauna session.

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***** 119 Reviews

Some of the 119 reviews:

***** (5/5) Mary L. Verified Buyer


Increased Energy and Improved Mood

I purchased my SaunaSpace this past February after having used a Far-infared sauna for the past 8 years. I loved the detoxification effects of using the sauna, but it often left me feeling depleted and tired. I noticed two very big differences when I started using the Near-infared SaunaSpace. The first is that I had increased energy and mental clarity after the sauna. No more feeling tired! I also noticed improved mood and sense of well-being.

The tungsten red heat lamps give the effect of being in the sun without the radiation. My old sauna felt a little claustrophobic but I love the feeling of being in the tent. As you rotate around the stool every 5 minutes, time flies. You leave the sauna with more energy and better mood. Having used a hot rock sauna, steam shower, and Far-infared sauna, I can say that the SaunaSpace is by far the best. It’s easy to put together and conveniently fits into the corner of a room. I highly recommend it!


***** (5/5) Mary F. Verified Buyer


Love my Sauna!

I’ve had my sauna since March and am using it three or more times a week. I’m a cyclist and enjoy doing long distance rides. In the past I would feel fatigued and sore after my rides but since I started using it I haven’t experienced that. I also have wrist pain from ridding and have found that it is significantly better now. I don’t always get a good night sleep but when I use it in the evenings I sleep sound all night long. It has significantly improved my life. The fact that it takes up little space, is low maintenance and can be relocated in my house at any time is a big bonus. This has also become my favorite reading spot!


***** (5/5) Brenda N. Verified Buyer



Sauna Space is a most amazing product in terms of the near infrared technology and its therapeutic qualities. American made is so important. You know it was made with an abundance of quality and each is an individual product, not a mass produced project. As an engineer, I loved the way the product was designed and the ease of which you put it together. You really thought this through very carefully. It is a very CLEAN look. For bodybuilding, a lot of research and now my own use shows that this is THE best sauna therapy and has proven to be very beneficial. Glad to have chosen Sauna Space and recommend to all


***** (5/5) Sarah T. Verified Buyer


Khoa Huynh PharmD FAARFM

Wow! That was a hard winter with the cold and flu virus. I saw so many patients coming thru my pharmacy with symptoms of the virus. Cold, wet winter, no sunlight, low vitamin D may be a huge factors this year. Luckily for me, I have the Sauna Space. I used it twice a week and I did not get sick at all.


***** (5/5) Stepfan T. Verified Buyer



Recovery! Recovery! Recovery! My body is my profession. I need to be able to perform at my best at all times, so I am always looking for the best product to help me recover the fastest (Legally). Boom, SaunaSpace! When I am injured and visit the training room, I love using the laser therapy to get deep into my muscle and repair my body. The problem is that it is more of a direct, spot treatment. So I did research. Came across infrared light therapy. Wasn’t impressed with the other options. So I decided to take matter into my own hands and DIY an infrared sauna. Luckily, after one more Google search, I came across SaunaSpace. They were ahead of the game. The details that the team put into the materials alone was enough for me to whip out my credit card. The Sauna is in the corner of my bedroom next to my yoga mat and foam roller. I feel less sore, more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive. I have been able to develop a healthy routine from using it. I always recommend it!


***** (5/5) Cavin B. Verified Buyer


Best morning EVER!

Adding a sauna session before my shower every day has been life changing! Not only do I feel amazing, but it also enhances the neuronal outgrowth produced by nerve growth factor (NGF). Thinking of our neurons as plants, nerve growth factor (NGF) is what John J. Ratey, MD, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of A User’s Guide to the Brain, calls “Miracle-Gro for the brain.” As a human, NGF is very important to me. As a TBI survivor, NGF is very very important to me!

***** (5/5) Sarah G. Verified Buyer


I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Totally worth every penny.

***** (5/5) Heidi S. Verified Buyer


Excellent Company! Excellent Product! Excellent Customer Service!

The Company: the BEST customer service, EVER. Brian Richards (& SaunaSpace) is honorable, honest, professional, super smart, funny, & patient. I emailed questions regarding products for ~2 yrs before my pocket sauna purchase. I wanted to get the right & perfect product for my needs, & it took awhile to save up. Boy am I ever happy with the bang for my buck, & boy did this man help me to be so!!!!

The product: I love my Pocket Sauna! It works so great, heating up fast, smells great, feels great, looks great. I feel so awesome in the sauna, I’ve stayed in longer than recommended for newer or sicker users. Then, the 1st couple days I feel sleepier which is awesome, then I detox which doesn’t feel so awesome, then I feel much better & have more energy, then I start using the sauna again. Self care has been a difficult chore for me, but it’s wonderful, looking forward to using my sauna again & again.


***** (5/5) Stephanie O. Verified Buyer


My near infrared pocket Sauna

I purchased my sauna and I put it together myself last year in 2016. I have just in the last 6 months been using it 3+ times a week increasing the time I’m in it. It works so fantastic. I was in a house that had mold and meth in the walls for 2 1/2 years and I started getting really sick with a horrible rash, breathing issues, headaches, and extreme fatigue. I moved and when I needed to transport it to my new home I took only two poles out of it and it folded up enough to fit right inside my uhaul. I am feeling so much better since using my near infrared pocket sauna on a regular basis. I have more energy I’m losing weight and my cellulite is decreasing. I would highly recommend this product! It’s portable easy to assemble and works incredibly great and it’s affordable. Every household should have one because our environment is bombarding us with chemicals. Get one, you won’t regret it. Best purchase I’ve ever made!


***** (5/5) Don D. Verified Buyer


5 Star Sauna

I’m using the near infrared Sauna as the foundation of my battle with metabolic syndrome. The Sauna addresses the many faces of metabolic syndrome by naturally lowering inflammation, and letting heat shock proteins repair damaged cells that are sitting in senescence. Feels great to get a relaxed, no impact workout while healing in a parasympathetic state. Excellent design, and made with high grade materials, my pocket Sauna sits in the corner of our basement. Thx! Don DeHass


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