• Organic Aloe Vera (or Barbadensis) Leaves

Organic Aloe Vera (or Barbadensis) Leaves

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Gathered from organic plants. The leaf is left whole to limit oxidation and contamination.

  • Organic Aloe Vera leaves,  1 kg  grown organically, accompanied by an identification code ITBIO005E051 issued by the certifying body BIOS Ltd.
  • Gathered from 15 year old plants, with the leaf left whole to limit oxidation and contamination.
  • The leaves are gathered early in the morning and immediately afterwards they are put into paper food bags, packaged and sent quickly.
  • Upon receipt, if they are not required to be used immediately, they can be kept in the vegetable section of a fridge, wrapped in a tea towel.

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Organic Aloe Vera leaves, 1 kg leaves. 

Gathered from organic plants.

The leaf is left whole to limit oxidation and contamination.

Upon receipt, if they are not required to be used immediately, they can be kept in the vegetable section of a fridge, wrapped in a tea towel.

The uses internally:

To be used in a smoothie for every day health. You can use the whole leaves (to be cut in pieces and blended and used as an health and beauty elixer) or you can use the inner leaves, meaning the gel. You can also eat the gel straight from the leave. Constipation will go away when you use the whole leaves. See how your body responds. The Aloe gel is healing for all gut issues and for building the immune system and for detox. The gel will nourish the body with amino acids, vitamins and so much more. A healthy immune system is a healthy body.

The uses of the inner leaves externally:

To be used as a gel for all your skin issues like: eczema, skin itches, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis etc.

To be used for sun burn, burns, cuts, wounds, injuries, insect bites and so much more.

To be used for radiant beauty. Use it for skin & hair nourishment and for complete transformation.

We know from an aloe vera manufacturer that when you use the gel straight on your skin, the skin will transform from an aging skin to a youthful skin again. He tested it himself on one hand and after some time the skin on that hand was transformed to the hand of a young person and the other hand had remained old. It does work we know that, just give it time. You can use it on your face or body but it takes time to see results but it is truly possible. Use it fresh only and without any preservatives for the best results.


DIY Aloe Vera gel with Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C:

You can make a DIY with aloe vera gel and natural hyaluronic acid, organic vitamin E, some drops of organic Juniper berry essential oil or with some non GMO ascorbic acid and dissolve it all in some distilled water. Use it within two/three weeks and store in your fridge. You will have to remake it after two/three weeks as no chemical preservatives are used.

  • 1 tablespoon vitamin c powder (non GMO).  But this is tricky, you need a vitamin c powder that dissolves easily in water, most vitamin c powders are around 70 mesh which is too thick to dissolve easily and are heavier so require different measurements.
  • The tiniest pinch of gluten free and aluminum free baking soda (optional – to increase PH)
  • 4 tablespoons purified/structured or distilled water.
  • A few small drops of ferulic acid powder dissolved in an alcohol base (do not use too much or it will make the solution cloudy. This is optional and will help stabilize the vitamin c and add additional antioxidant properties).
  • ½ tsp natural hyaluronic acid powder.
  • Add the vitamin c and ferulic acid to the water first and once everything else is dissolved, add the hyaluronic acid powder (as it will chunk up first and take a few hours to fully dissolve). This will make about a 10% vitamin c solution.
  • 1/4 cup of fresh aloe vera gel.
  • Some drops of organic Juniper berry as a natural preservative.
  • Some drops of organic vitamin E oil again as a natural preservative.
  • Note: Keep in fridge for two/three weeks, after that you need to replace it/ remake it again as natural preservatives are used.

    How To Use Your Aloe/ Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Pour a little bit the serum from a clean jar into your hands – this is preferred because dipping your hands directly in the jar may reduce the shelf-life – then apply a thin layer in the morning and before bed to clean skin. If you use toner, put it on after the toner and before moisturizer.

    Important Tip: Hyaluronic acid is humectant, which means it draws moisture to itself. That’s part of what makes it amazing, but something to be aware of is that in dry climates where there isn’t much moisture in the air, it’s possible that hyaluronic acid could draw moisture from deeper layers of the skin upwards toward the surface. To avoid this, I prefer to moisten my face and neck before applying hyaluronic acid. This way it has plenty of water to bind to. Use a serum or cream on top of this serum.

A review online from a woman who used this serum without the aloe vera gel. When used with aloe vera gel, the results will be even better.

Review: They say that you need at least three months to see the results of vitamin c or any new skin care routine on your skin but this wasn’t the case with me. I saw results within about a week and my skin has improved drastically since then to the point that people actually stop me and comment on it. This it is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that I have found and beats out any serum you can find in the store hands down.

For Beauty:

You can use the Aloe vera gel straight from the leaves on your face and mix it with your creams or face oils. Be creative and know that there is no better beauty product than Aloe vera gel fresh from the leaves. Also to be used as a conductive gel for face lift devices.

For Sun Burn:

You can use the aloe vera gel on your skin before going into the sun and you will not burn. Repeat after swimming and repeat after two hours. Also to be used after the sun. All sun burn will be gone when you use pure aloe vera gel. When you mix some gel with organic vitamin E and add few drops of juniper berry essential oil you can use it for two weeks, but store in your fridge. Both Vitamin E and juniper berry essential oil are natural preservatives.

For Burns:

No scars will be left when you use fresh aloe vera gel straight on the burn. They should use this in all hospitals but they do not. Therefore use it yourself and it will heal within no time and the pain will be gone after 15 minutes.

For Wounds: 

No scars will be left if you use fresh aloe vera gel on a wound. First wash out the wound with lots of purified/ clean water and let it dry. Use aloe vera gel after that and know that any wound will heal beautiful. Also to be used on pets.

For Hair Issues:

Use the gel straight on your head and rub it into your scalp. Leave it as long as possible and rinse out with plain water or with a natural and organic shampoo.

Dandruff will go away and your hair and scalp will heal and detox at the same time. Just use it whenever you have the time and it is good at all times.

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