Patchouli Essential Oil


Living Libations wild-crafted Patchouli Essential Oil is a luxurious, sensual oil whose fragrance only improves with age.  Steam-distilled in Indonesia, this oil contains stimulating properties that are wonderful for the hair and skin. A favorite fragrance in throughout history, Patchouli is primarily used to scent clothing (helps prevent months), in skincare, perfumery, and as an aphrodisiac. Many find its musky, earthy fragrance to be incredibly calming and sensual.

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Extraction Method: Steam

Part of Plant Distilled: Leaves

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Cultivation Method: Wild

Scent Description: rich musk with notes of woody balsam; aroma enriches with age

In Libations Products: Vetiver Poetic Pits

Blends Well With: Sandalwood, Spikenard, Lavender, Jasmine, Ylang, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Vanilla, Bergamot, Palo Santo and Vetiver

Uses: dilute to use in skin serums and massage oils; makes a great scalp tonic used for oily-skin conditions and to stimulate the growth of healthy hair; aphrodisiac addition to perfumes and deodorants, can also be applied neat to skin and hair for long-lasting effects; excellent for scenting drawers and closets

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Our Patchouli Essential Oil is distilled and crafted in the wild wonderlands of Indonesia, where the oil has been used for centuries to promote peace, sensuality, and love. In India, mattresses are stuffed with patchouli leaves in order to scent the room and to keep insects and rodents at bay. While many North Americans may be familiar with the synthetic-fragrance of patchouli that was so popular in the 1960s, our wild-crafted Indonesian oil is authentically distinctive and undeniably pleasant.

Patchouli Oil is known to reduce inflammation and water retention while invigorating the senses. A powerful antiseptic, it is frequently used as a treatment for skin conditions and dry hair. Patchouli Oil has a way of removing false desire from the mind and spirit; addictive cravings and emotional hunger are eased, irrational fears are placed in perspective, and unconscious emotions emerge in a way that is bearable.

In order to harness the power of patchouli, the leaves must be dried for at least a day before the oil can be extracted. Like its robust aroma, the emotional impact of Patchouli Oil is strong and hearty. Patchouli users may become less irritable and less sensitive to environmental irritations.

Rediscover this ancient aromatic with Living Libations wild-crafted Indonesian Patchouli Essential Oil.

“Obtained by distilling the dried roots of the oriental plant (patchouli)… It is a fixative of heavy perfumes and also an aphrodisiac with magical powers.” ~ Eric Maple, The Magic of Perfume

“Its scent certainly is the most prominent feature of this oil. But, used externally, it is also a good tonic for the veins.”  ~ Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D., Advanced Aromatherapy

“It has a marked aphrodisiac effect which, like ginseng, may be due to its effect on the endocrine glands. It is useful for depression, frigidity, and anxiety. And all stress related conditions. Its rich, warm, musky fragrance has an appeasing, calming yet uplifting effect on the mind.” ~ Julia Lawless, Aromatherapy and the Mind

Traditional, mental, physical, emotional benefits: Patchouli oil has been traditionally used to stimulate and sedate the body as needed, inspire an essence of warmth, work as a potent aphrodisiac, help reestablish a connection with the senses, inspire sensuality, nourish the spirit and lift depression, treat all manner of skin conditions, including dandruff.

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