• Sonic Facial Spa, Quiver
  • Sonic Facial Spa, Quiver
  • Sonic Facial Spa, Quiver

Sonic Facial Spa, Quiver

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Move over gravity, your natural face lift is here!  Quiver’s sonic vibrations stimulate your facial muscles and help increase collagen production- leaving your skin looking lifted, more awake, incredibly beautiful and wonderfully balanced- 100% naturally!

Tired of dull, dry, lifeless skin? Let Quiver recharge your skin (Quiver’s rechargeable batter lasts over 200 uses per charge!)

Hello Quiver! This Pore Pulsator is your face’s new best friend…

Quiver Lovers are reporting:

  • More refined skin tone 100%
  • More radiant complexion 98%
  • Firmer-looking skin 95%

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Your natural ionic facelift device. And it works magical.

We herewith introduce the Quiver. Your buddy for life.

Its ultra high-frequency vibrations not only sweep away those dead skin cells that make your skin dull and your face look older than your years, Quiver also opens your pores like never before, allowing those expensive facial serums you’ve invested in to absorb deep into your skin.  This means that they can actually work to make your face look younger instead of just sitting on top of clogged pores.

Quiver is the perfect addition to your beauty routine.  Use Quiver 2-4 minutes each day while washing your face or applying your face serum/moisturizer.  Quiver’s sonic vibrations stimulate your facial muscles for more definition and lift while increasing collagen production!  Results: a natural face lift and more refined beauty!

Quiver delivers a spa-like experience at home so you get the youthful, glowing skin you’ve been looking for. And, thanks to Quiver’s portable, compact, waterproof design you can take it anywhere… in the shower, to the gym, while you’re traveling… wherever you go, your skin will always look its best. One charge will last 3-4 months!!

With Primal Life Organic’s Quiver Pore Pulsator, all it takes is two minutes morning or night to get a superior facial in the comfort of your own home. Since Quiver vibrates 8,500 times per minute, Primal Life Organic’s Pore Pulsator is a smoothing, anti-aging experience like never before. And, since Quiver is ergonomically designed, it’s the easiest way to give yourself a facial.

Using Quiver is simple. Just wet your face, apply cleanser, and turn on Quiver. Apply the Pore Pulsator in a small circular motion and when you’re done, rinse with clean water. To intensify Quiver’s anti-aging pulsations, just hold Quiver firmly over fine lines and wrinkles! 


Gentle and Soft Silicone: Soft and gentle for the most amazingly clean face

Quiver’s cleansing brush is made of rounded silicone touch-points that smoothly glide across your face.  Gentle enough for daily use. Gentle even for sensitive skin. No replacement brushes needed- this is a one time, all inclusive purchase!

Deep Cleaning: Helps remove dirt and oil

Made of quick-drying, nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup, Quiver is the best hygienic way to cleanse your face and help diminish signs of aging!

Anti-aging: Look better than yesterday!

Quiver directs lower-frequency pulsations through its anti-aging surface of concentric silicone ridges directly onto wrinkle-prone areas, smoothing and firming the appearance the skin. The pulsations improve the delivery and absorption of your favorite skin-foods for more noticeable results!  The sonic vibrations help stimulate collagen production and facial muscles to revive and tone facial muscle for a more “lifted” appearance.

Fits your busy lifestyle: Designed to go with you!

Completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower and with 15 speeds, Quiver is lightweight, portable and rechargeable (each full charge lasts up to 200 uses).

How To Use Quiver: 

Quiver is your new best friend, and can be used daily -even twice a day, it’s so simple, convenient and easy to use!

  • Step 1: Apply your favorite cleanser. Wet the Quiver and activate its Pulsation/Cleansing Mode. High frequency sonic pulses allow the removal of dirt, oils and makeup residues. Low-frequency pulses boosts blood circulation in wrinkle-prone areas, increasing the production of collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • Step 2 Cleanse:  Gently move the Quiver’s cleansing surface in circular motions over your face for 1 minute.
  • Step 3 Anti-Aging Practice: Maximize anti-aging benefits by firmly pressing Quiver’s surface onto wrinkle-prone areas for 1 minute.






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***** (5/5) Jennifer Verified Buyer

I recommend this product

Review posted 27 days ago

Christmas Chaos, Cable Found!

I had rated this product a 4 because I thought I did not receive the cable or instructions. Mystery solved and missing pieces found! I am now charging my quiver as I type. I love the quiver and can tell a difference in my skin. I can see an improvement in some fine lines since I have using it for a very short time and also helped with some puffiness under my eyes. Thank you Primal Life and please excuse the confusion. I give this product and Primal Life 5 stars.


***** (5/5) Suzanne Nohl K. Verified Buyer

I recommend this product

Review posted about 1 month ago


I absolutely love the Quiver! I have been using it for about a month, and I can already see a difference in my skin!


***** (5/5) Ann T. Verified Buyer

I recommend this product

Review posted about 2 months ago

Love this Quiver…

Unlike anything I’ve ever used before. Love the gentleness of it but the results are so amazing!!


***** (5/5) Cheryl

I recommend this product

Review posted 7 months ago

Love it

Easy to use. Works great. I noticed frown lines and laugh lines are less noticeable. I use it in the morning to cleanse and at night to cleanse and apply serum. If I lost it, I would replace it immediately. I was hesitant to purchase, but I don’t regret it.


***** (5/5) Joan H.

I recommend this product

Review posted 8 months ago

Incredible and smooth!

I am totally amazed by Quiver- love the pulsations and never expected my skin to feel so incredibly smooth! I notice my makeup goes on so much smoother, and my complexion is radiant! Even my husband noticed!! Worth the investment. I have been using mine for 2 months and have yet to need to recharge! I have even taken it with me on vacation- I won’t leave home without my Quiver, Earth Face Wash and Dirty Mouth Toothpower! (yep! I’m a total Primal Lifer!)


***** (5/5) Sherry S.

I recommend this product

Review posted 8 months ago

Yes! I can tell a difference!

I fell in love with Quiver at “hello”! The vibration stimulates my skin and really makes me look and feel alive! I have noticed a brighter complexion, more toned skin and my laugh lines aren’t laughing anymore!! My favorite feature- I take it right in the shower with me! It only takes 2 minutes and BAM! my skin looks amazing!! I am so glad I was chosen to test drive the Quiver! I definitely recommend this to everyone!! And yes- you can share it with your guy!! My husband loves it too!

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