• Steens Raw UMF 10+ (MGO 263+) Manuka Honey | Genuine, unpasteurised, Cold Pressed Manuka Honey | 100% Pure New Zealand Honey
  • Steens Raw UMF 10+ (MGO 263+) Manuka Honey | Genuine, unpasteurised, Cold Pressed Manuka Honey | 100% Pure New Zealand Honey
  • Steens Raw UMF 10+ (MGO 263+) Manuka Honey | Genuine, unpasteurised, Cold Pressed Manuka Honey | 100% Pure New Zealand Honey
  • Steens Raw UMF 10+ (MGO 263+) Manuka Honey | Genuine, unpasteurised, Cold Pressed Manuka Honey | 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

Steens Raw UMF 10+ (MGO 263+) Manuka Honey | Genuine, unpasteurised, Cold Pressed


  • UMF10+ (MGO 263+): UMF grading tests for 4 Manuka markers including NPA, MGO & Leptosperin. Our Manuka is independently tested & certified
  • RAW MANUKA HONEY: Unpasteurised and minimally processed to ensure the honey delivered to you is just as nature intended – raw and untouched
  • BEE BREAD: A naturally occurring mix of bee pollen, probiotics, enzymes & honey. Our unique filtering keeps this superfood in our honey
  • NATURE’S HEALER: The capabilities of Manuka are well researched. It is used by doctors and nurses to help accelerate wound healing & ulcers

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Product Description

Steens Honey is New Zealand’s leading producer of high grade UMF Manuka honey. The company was started by Paul and Sheryl Steens because they wanted to bring a better quality Manuka to market; one that is raw, unpasteurised and minimally processed – just as nature intended.

We’ve been beekeeping for over 34 years so we know a thing or two about honey. Subjecting our Manuka to high temperatures just isn’t in our thinking. You won’t find us cranking up the heat to 70C (118F) and creaming our honey. Studies have shown that the flavonoids and enzymes which give Manuka it’s unique qualities are damaged through these heating processes. Most commercial honeys are creamed which means the honey is processed twice and the natural crystals are melted out to give it a smooth consistency. Steens Manuka is different. Our honey is raw & unpasteurised which means the natural crystals are retained.

Its like dipping your finger straight into the honeycomb!

RAW COLD PRESSED MANUKA: Steens Manuka honey is unique to other Manuka honeys as it is not heated to high temperatures unlike creamed honeys. We cold press our Manuka honey using a proprietary process, meaning our Manuka honey is processed at hive temperatures (36C / 96F ) ensuring that the nutritional properties, plant phenols, flavanoids and enzymes are retained in our honey. We have been using science to continually refine this process for over 30 years.

UMF CERTIFIED: Steens Manuka honey is graded using the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) grading system which is extremely important to ensure that the Manuka honey you are buying is authentic. The UMF grading system appraises natural markers found in manuka honey and assures purity and quality. Each Steens UMF manuka honey jar states its UMF grade.  The UMF grade is well recognised as the mark of real Manuka honey, as it identifies  one of the main organic compounds responsible for the stable anti-bacterial activity for which manuka honey has become globally renowned. Products claiming to be manuka honey but not showing a UMF rating are unlikley to be genuine. Buying UMF rated Manuka honeys protects you from honey with little or no beneficial health value (often labeled ‘active’ or ‘bio-active’)

Steens UMF Licence number is #2204.

BEEBREAD: Steens honey is unique to other Manuka honeys because it contains the highest levels of a substance called bee bread. You may have already heard about bee (plant) pollen and how nutritious it is. Bee bread is plant pollen that is taken into the hive by the bees. The bees add extra enzymes, microbial secretions and honey to pollen stored within the honeycomb. It then undergoes a lactic acid fermentation process which breaks down the hard outer shell of plant pollen, making it easier for humans to digest.  Bee bread is the food the worker bees use to make royal jelly. It is widely recognised as a nourishing and complete, natural food.

Steens have a unique extraction and filtering process to retain high levels of this precious substance within their honey.

TRACE & TRACE – FROM HOME TO HIVE: Here at Steens we believe every consumer has the right to know where their food has come from, and our traceability program intends to deliver on this belief.  We are one of the only vertically integrated Manuka producers in the world, which means our Manuka is completely traceable back to source. We have developed a unique integrated software system called ‘Hive Tracker’ which allows us to collect data on over 60,000 hive components.

Every pot of Steens honey has a trace code which can be used to trace your honey back to the region it is harvested from. Consumers can enter the trace code at www.steenshoney.com and track their honey pot back to source.Every batch of Manuka we produce is tested for specific qualities including the UMF grade (which includes the MGO level) to ensure that the Manuka Honey you buy from Steens is absolutely authentic and true to label.

ETHICS: When you pick up a pot of Steens Manuka you know exactly what you are purchasing. We don’t hide our Manuka away in brown jars like our competitors – we pack it into clear pots which are BPA free. We do not use our bees for commercial pollination as many of these crops are exposed to a wide variety of agricultural herbicides, fungicides and pesticides which harm the bee’s immune system making them vulnerable to deadly parasites and disease.

After 33 years of farming this little insect, bee health is at the heart of what we do. We fervently understand the importance of getting the balance right for their survival. All our beehives, yard sites, beekeepers and equipment are monitored through our Track and Trace system. This ensures that every step of our production chain is fully tracked to the company’s highest code of practice. An authentic company has the confidence to be a transparent one.


100% Raw, Cold pressed Manuka Honey from New Zealand ( Tutin free )

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