• SuperFeast Lion's Mane Mushroom Powdered Extract

SuperFeast Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powdered Extract


Lion’s Mane is a nootropic medicinal mushroom revered for its brain, memory and cognition-enhancing benefits. Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a brain, nervous system, and cognitive tonic. It is has gained huge popularity recently in the health and biohacking circles as the research pours in about what this mushroom can do to enhance cognitive function and performance.

The presence of nerve-growth-factors in the mushroom extract is especially of significance as researchers uncover ways that the herbs may nourish the nerve tissue and even act as a catalyst for nerve restoration. Used for centuries as a general tonic for overall health, the Lion’s Mane mushroom is native to China, Japan, North America and Europe. Though it was traditionally prescribed as a general restorative, its effect on the brain has always been recognised, and ancient physicians used it to treat what we would now describe as neurodegenerative diseases.

Gluten Free, Vegan

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Wild-crafted Lion’s Mane fruiting body water extract 10:1. Not irradiated. No added grains, fillers, starch, or mycelium.


Start by adding 1/2 tsp (approx. 3g) to hot water to make an instant tea (sweeten if desired), or add to smoothies, juices, elixirs, hot chocolates, coffee or your favourite recipe for a healthy boost. Serving size may be increased to up to 2 Tbs per day; recommended daily serve is 1 tsp. We’ve extracted this product with care so it is at maximum bioavailability and ready to be taken as is. The extract is NOT heat sensitive and can be added to hot drinks and dishes.


***** (5/5) add it to your coffee
ok, I left that review saying the taste was blerrgh – which it is if you drink it in water. But since speaking to the fab peeps at Superfeast who recommended a few different ways to disguise the taste, I’m finding it much more palatable and love it in a cup of coffee with a dash of maple.Looking forward to trying some more of Superfeast’s products
Written by vv on 30 November 2017

**** (4/5) IF you can get past THAT TASTE
*ugh* great for anyone studying. Noticed a difference after a week or so, getting through hefty texts and assimilating info has been easier.
Written by vv on 18 November 2017

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