• The Heart Companion Advanced technology in a Pendant
  • The Heart Companion Advanced technology in a Pendant
  • The Heart Companion Advanced technology in a Pendant
  • The Heart Companion Advanced technology in a Pendant

The Heart Companion Advanced technology in a Pendant


The Heart Companion does everything the I.Connect does and more. It is the perfect choice to activate your heart center – the gateway to the higher dimensions. Each Heart Companion contains 2 sides (shown in the photo to the left). By choosing which side you want towards your body, you will  feel more energy from the celestial and mental realms with the Star Face or have a more grounding experience with the Earth Face. Play with what feels best to you as you are wearing the pendant.

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The gems added to the Heart Companion act to move energy from the higher dimensional frequencies into the physical world.  This increases the energy flow into your body with the chakras being the receivers of these energies. Below you will see numerous styles that all contain the same technology. The difference is the configuration of gems on the pendant.

The Heart Companion cuts through the chaotic stress of everyday life. It establishes a connection to the rhythms of the natural world found by a peaceful stream. It assists in expanding heart-centered awareness.


Wearable beauty with the power to transform your life

The components of the Heart Companion combine ancient and modern technologies serving as antenna to interact with life positive, coherent frequencies.

  • Live life from the wisdom of your heart
  • Improve focus and memory with a calm, clear mind
  • Increase productivity and overcome procrastination
  • Foster intuition and creativity
  • Experience greater joy in your life and relationships
  • Feel More Energetic and Centered
  • Access Greater Mindfulness
  • Maintain your center and strength in the midst of conflict and stress


I have been working with Metaforms technology for seven years. I am amazed with the way this technology has helped me improve my life experiences. When I first placed the Heart Companion in my hand, I immediately felt the strong energy emanating from the pendant. After wearing it for a couple of days, I felt more peaceful and more in balance. I also noticed that I was less inclined to react to situations and had the control to think before I responded. I had experienced this mindful state while in meditation, but it was harder to maintain mindfulness in my daily life. The Heart Companion seemed to help me make this possible.  -Kat

I went to the dentist today…(NOT my favorite place, due to some traumatic experiences I had at the dentist as a child.)

While I was in the chair, waiting for them to take X-rays and clean my teeth, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety.  I invoked the “I AM presence” to come into this situation, and I did feel a little less anxious.  However the pending feeling of what I knew was going to occur, made me feel sick.  At that moment, I clenched the Rainbow Heart Companion and I asked all the energy that it contained to move deeper into me and relax every muscle, nerve, thought and put me into a beautiful peaceful state.  I have to say that this is exactly what happened.  In fact the doctor wondered why I had my hand over my heart under the bib.

I will have to go back on Thursday to get a wisdom tooth pulled, and I will hold my pendant, as I did today and all will be well.  I even complimented the technician for taking such good care of me and was very grateful for her sensitivity to my condition.

I wanted to share how this pendant has miraculously helped me deal with the unbearable anxiety I was experiencing last night and today sitting in that dentist chair…. until I held the pendant in my hand over my heart! I knew all would be well. ~ Kathleen

“I received the Heart Companion. I am truly impressed. I feel love. Touching it. It is a genuine treasure, it works.
I am so grateful I got it for myself.” – Marthy

“I am enjoying my Heart Companion pendant. I feel calmer, smoother than before, and I have noticed something interesting about my dreams:  they are more lucid, and  I seem to be problem-solving during sleep.” ~ Jan B

“You can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.” ~ Marion Ross, Ph.D

“I have been wearing my pendant every day! Life is amazing! It’s been three weeks & the people & events
that have been coming into my life …WOW!” ~ Michelle

The Heart Companion blends Sacred Geometric technology into a double-sided energy jewelry piece to wear near your heart. You will feel your connection to Source energy like never before. This elegant hand-crafted pendant offers several choices of high quality arrays of gemstones encased in a brushed stainless steel shell. These stunning, powerful and endearing pendants include the latest I.Connect technology, plus more.

Each pendant is double-sided with a Star and Earth Face. When the Star Face is towards your body, you will experience feeling more connected cosmically, while the Earth Face towards your body will help you be more grounded. Genuine high quality gemstones in either a smooth dome shape (cabachon) or diamond cut (faceted) enhance the energy and beauty of each pendant.  (Size: 1 3/16″ diameter)
Gemstones of equal value and energy may be substituted in the Rainbow Pendant. Titanium gold finish: add $20


Special Edition

HighLight (14 gems)


Star Face (left)      Earth Face (right)
Prices start at $788

Our first Special Edition Heart Companion Pendant with 14 magnificent high quality faceted gems expressing a high vibrational energy for the current times.  It is available with your choice of a Diamond or White Sapphire on the Starface.

Starface (left) In Center: Diamond or White Sapphire. Clockwise from top: Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Rhodolite Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, Citrine, Emerald.

Earthface (right) In Center: Tanzanite.  Clockwise from top: Aquamarine, Ruby, Peridot, Orange Sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Pink Garnet.  

$788 or $998 with Diamond. Add $20 for titanium gold finish.

 Rainbow (14 gems)


Amethyst, Citrine, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Iolite,
White Sapphire, Ruby, Orange Sapphire, Pink Garnet,
Blue Topaz, Chrome Diopside, Peridot, Moonstone in the
cabachon style or Aquamarine in the faceted gem style
Titanium Gold finish… add $20

Your choice: Cabachons (rounded) or Faceted (cut) gems
Faceted gems add $100

Prices start at $548


Chakra (7 gems)

Amethyst (Crown),  Iolite (Third Eye),
Blue Sapphire (Throat),   Emerald (Heart),
Citrine (Solar Plexus),  Orange Sapphire (Sacral)
Garnet (Base)
Titanium Gold finish… add $20


Your choice: Cabachons (rounded) or Faceted (cut) gems
Faceted gems add $30

Prices start at: $378

NEW! Basic Heart Companion

heartcompanion-basic   heartcompanion-basic-silver

The new Basic Heart Companion contains 5 high quality cabochon gemstones.

Silver is $288, Gold is $308,

On the Star Face: Citrine (solar plexus), Amethyst (crown), Garnet (base), Blue Topaz (throat)

On the Earth Face: Chrome Diopside (heart) at the center.

Only cabochon gems are used.

Amethyst / Citrine (2 gems)


Price: $228

Blue Sapphire / Citrine (2 gems)


Price: $248

Emerald / Citrine (2 gems)


Price: $268

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