• Aloe Arborescens Sinergia 1 ml 750 (father Romano Zago's recipe) ORGANIC
  • Aloe Arborescens Sinergia 1 ml 750 (father Romano Zago's recipe) ORGANIC
  • Aloe Arborescens Sinergia 1 ml 750 (father Romano Zago's recipe) ORGANIC

Aloe Arborescens Sinergia 1 ml 750 (father Romano Zago’s recipe) ORGANIC


The best natural and organic solution in the world:

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Prepared with the fresh organic leaves of Aloe Arborescens. Made according to Father Romano Zago’s original recipe and without any preservatives as it should be made. 

Delivery to Europe only. We do want to change that and we want to show you a business opportunity. For more information see down below.

One solution to detox toxins out and bring in all needed nutrients in. The most needed organic and natural solution in the world of today.

Healing over 100 health issues and diseases. Know it works. For babies and small children use the recipe without the alcohol. Also for all our animals to be used.

Organic product: identification code ITBIO005E051.

Detoxifying, intestinal and immune function restorative. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and other beneficial nutrients. Non-GMO.

Product description

850g glass jar (750 ml) containing a solution of:

  • 50% Organic Aloe Arborescens leaves;
  • 49% Organic Honey;
  • 1% Organic distilled spirit.
  • Gluten free

Prepared according to an ancient Brazilian recipe known as “Father Romano Zago’s recipe.”
Rich in vitamins, amino acids and other beneficial ingredients.
Heals the gut and with that the whole system. All is gut related. Intestinal regularity. Aids digestive and liver function. Brings down all inflammation as it troughs toxins out and brings in the best nutrients in the world.

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Father Romano Zago Aloe Arborescens recipe, the original without any preservatives.

The best organic and all natural recipe in the whole world.

Heal your Gut and Heal Yourself now.

All ingredients are organic.

Delivery to Europe only!!! But we hope to change that. We hope that all of you are able to buy these products in your area real soon. See the information below.


The original recipe and all its miracles:

Father Romano Zago has created this aloe arborescens recipe for the world and he has healed so many people with it. People that should have died and that were without any further hope to recover. And because of this recipe they are all still alive and well. When you read his books:  aloe isn’t medicine and yet it cures, and cancer can be cured (with this recipe), you know this recipe is a miracle on itself. We use it ourselves and we love it. We do hope the whole world can use it and we hope we can assist with that as we are now looking for wholesale companies who like to sell it in the rest of the world, to truly bring it to the world.

Personal this is our first choice when we want help with healing. It works magically. My 90 years old mother is using it daily with one week off and when she runs out she asks us to buy it again as it is making her feel so good. She looks 65 years by the way and yes, it is also making you younger. Anti-aging is an extra plus and we all want that. We all could live up to 144 years when we know what to eat and what to use. This recipe is one thing you need for sure, specially in this chemical age.

Purifying action in the body and at the same time building the immune system to do its work. Good for the whole body system. Toxins out and nutrients in, this recipe does both in one time. The best natural solution in the world for everyone, humans and animals.
Detoxifying, restores intestinal function and stimulates with that the immune system. It repairs the DNA. This is so needed due to all nanoparticles and chemicals used today which all destroy our DNA, meaning our ability to heal ourselves. Also our DNA assists us with receiving energy from our Source and from the Sun and we need this energy to run our whole system. Next to that we need our DNA to be what we are here for, our spiritual growth. We have so much power as humans and we need our DNA to use it.

So this recipe is excellent for usage with all kind of diseases due to its overall healing properties.


At all times to be used, to build up the immune system with offering the body the best nutrients and to detox every day all the chemicals out of the same system. But specially to be used with all kind of illnesses. All diseases today are caused by chemicals (in the air, water, food, medications and vaccinations, personal care products, makeup etc). And add to that the diseases that are man-made diseases (deliberately created in labs and either made air born or being vaccinated into humans and animals). Also poor living circumstances (lack of fresh water, air and food) will create illnesses. And we need to have the right mind set, be positive know you are able to heal yourself with the right products. We are what we believe we are. Believe in health and believe in yourself as a healer.

The list of healing diseases with this recipe is far over 100. As this recipe is working on all gut issues and as gut and brain are related, the same as gut and skin are related this recipe is assisting with far over 100 diseases with ease. When we heal the gut, skin issues will vanish, brain issues will vanish, depressions will vanish, allergies will vanish and so much more. And you will get more energy and look younger each day what more could we want.


It is advisable to start with a dosage of 1 teaspoon (about 5 ml) 30 minutes before the three main meals for the first two or three days, then take a tablespoon (approximately 15 ml) three times a day, preferably half an hour before food.
Continue for 21 days (it is recommended to finish the package), then stop for a week before resuming. Shake the jar before use and keep it in the fridge for sure. Once the jar is opened, it is recommended all the product should be consumed. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age is what they say but you can use the recipe without the alcohol for them as they need this recipe for sure after receiving their poisonous vaccinations shots from day one. Educate yourself on all the dangers of vaccinations as they have told you lies only.


The preparation is different from that of other companies because of:

  1. The raw material is used: the leaves of organic aloe arborescens are collected from plants at least 12 years old, grown by themselves.
  2. The whole leaf is used (gel and cuticle).
  3. There are no preservatives in this recipe. Really no preservatives are used and this is how the Father Romano Zago recipe should be made and he has informed everyone never to use any preservatives in this recipe. This way the recipe will only have healing properties. All recipes with preservatives are useless and will not heal as it is supposed to do (Deca aloe and Galenia aloe from the U.S.A. plus biological FRZ Aloe Arobrescens from Portugal, contain all dangerous preservatives and they do not inform you about them, and others are not truly organic, please be aware).
  4. Organic certification and gluten free. Most aloe recipes in the world are not organic so they use pesticides and as these are dangerous chemicals, the recipe will be useless and it will not be healing the way it should be healing.

N.B. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.  Not suitable for pregnant women. But use if for sure before you want to get pregnant to build your immune system and to detox all chemicals out.

Notes from the scientific literature:

Some studies seem to support the hypothesis of a beneficial effect in the treatment of arthritis, and analgesic and anti-inflammatory functions and 97 more diseases. The scientific medical community seems more and more interested in Aloe Arborescens and its possible use for the prevention and treatment of serious illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer.

Today there are 1000’s studies done and all show the healing properties of this miracle plant and now this whole plant is created in one recipe with alcohol and with honey to make it be absorbed in every cell of our body. This is where the healing occurs. When we repair the cells we reset our DNA  and we create a new body and all without chemicals.

Just try it and you will feel amazing at all times. You hair will grow back, you skin will glow and your gut will heal and so much more. Pets are also able to use it and they love it. Give them according their weight a teaspoon or more. All pets need their guts healed today, as the GMOs, gluten, growth hormones and antibiotics in all normal pet food destroy their health. That is even besides all dangerous medications and vaccinations given to them. They did not ask for that, they need you to help them to be healthy, now more then ever before.

Just be your own and your pets healer from now on.

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When you want to set up a business online or already have an online business or local shop in other areas then Ireland, France and Italy we can deliver you these amazing products. We, allyournaturalsolutions, are the agent of Teo Natura their products for all other areas in the world. We want to reach out to provide all the people in the world to use this original recipe of father Romano Zago and we are now officially the agent for the Italian manufacturer. We love to see that everyone is able to buy these wonderful products no matter where they live. And the recipes sold in the USA and Portugal are really fake, as they contain chemical preservatives and it is therefore not the same as the original recipe and it will not be healing at all. We welcome all wholesale customers in the world to work with us to heal this world together. Please contact us for a beautiful cooperation. We love to work with you.


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50% Organic Aloe Arborescens leaves;
49% Organic Honey;
1% Organic distilled spirit.



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Great product! An abundant percentage of aloe inside the package, evident from the rather dense appearance of the mixture. It helps me a lot for gastritis and to regulate intestinal transit. Recommended!

Kristian Civetta
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Excellent products and general service
Nicetto Claudio
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 Powerful product for bronchitis is exceptional!
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 Incredible amazing anti-inflammatory product
Nicola d’orsaneo
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Excellent product
Now there are several orders that I do and I always find the product of high quality. RECOMMENDED.

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